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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jeddy's Blend - Essential Oils for ADHD and other Behavioral and Mental Disorders

Jeddy's Blend

Hope for children with severe ADHD and other behavioral and mental disorders.

This is my boy. He is energetic, funny, happy and full of life. He has a heart of gold and has a love like I have never seen. This is Jed (aka Jeddy). Jed suffers from severe ADHD and struggles with it everyday. His has it pretty severe and he bursts out in screams of joy, fun, craziness all the time to release some of that energy.  Even as a little kid he was all over the place, he couldn't sit still, couldn't stop moving at any time, when he was sitting he would rock back and forth. When he went to school of course we started to get the calls.

 It is hard for a parent but I can't imagine how hard it must be for him to try and be still for a full day of class. The principle called us in when he was in 1st grade they actually made him sign a legal paper because he was so disruptive in class.  I was furious and he was devastated. She told us that we needed to get our son to the doctor and get him on medication and that there were lots of kids that were on it.  I knew at that point the something else needed to be done. 

I had been dabbling with Essential Oils for a while and believed that they could to wonderful things but never imagined it could help Jeddy with his challenges day to day. I was wrong. Once I got comfortable enough with the oils I decided that I was going to make a blend just for Jeddy. I did some research and I knew that he needed the big guns with the Essential Oils and that is when I came up with Jeddy's Blend.

 I told Jed that I had made a blend for him (he was used to the oils with everything else). I put it on him the first morning and told him to tell me how he felt when he got home from school and if it helped him. That night for the first time ever he came to me and asked for "that oil" because it made him feel better at school. I was shocked. He had never asked me for oils before. After one week it was time for Parent/Teacher Conference. Jed's teacher told us that he was normally all over the place and hard to settle down but the last week he was a different kid. We then told her about the oils and she was amazed. She has seen such a difference in him and we got permission to bring the blend to school so he could use it whenever he needed it. So far, it has been enough to just use it morning and night. They said as long as it is "all natural" he can bring it. 

This is all natural and I am so excited for him to get to do this. It is my mission to get the word out to these schools to try and help these children that so desperately need it. It is my hope that we can spread the word about Essential Oils to the world and help the many children and adults who need this natural alternative, a freedom they haven't experience and a new happy way of life. 

There are other blends out there that have worked but haven't worked for such a severe case as Jeddy's. I know this isn't a cure all but it has helped him so much, he is thriving in school. his reading is amazing and the best thing is that he knows it works and is willing to ask for it. I want my son and others out there dealing with this day to day to know that there is hope and a natural alternative to finding a better and happier place. 

I am offering a chance for you to try Jeddy's blend. 

1/6 oz. glass roller bottle $28.00
1/3 oz. glass roller bottle $58.00

(price includes shipping within the US - additional charge outside of US)

How to apply

Roll onto feet liberally every morning and night. I apply to his feet before he puts his socks on for school where it can't be smelled by the other students. I apply it again when he gets home from school. I also diffuse Lavender in his room at night. 

How to purchase

Please send me an email at with any questions that you have and to place your order.  Payment accepted through Paypal only. This is a non-refundable offer. To pay with Paypal simply go to paypal and click on send money. Send it to email address and fill out the rest of the information. Once I receive your payment I will send your package. If you don't have Paypal it is very easy to create an account.

For more information on how to purchase these oil click HERE

I love this boy with all my heart and as a parent with a child who has suffered from this disorder I am truly grateful for the help that Essential Oils has given to my family. I am blessed to have found an alternative to modern medicine and hope that by sharing this with you that you will be able to benefit from them as well . Please share with others who may need this information. Thank you for all your support. 




  1. I wrote this on your sisters blog where I first saw this and wanted you to see my comment, to know how much I appreciate this. And for one, I have some hope and don't feel as helpless as I have for the last 14 years. :)
    I am so glad I have found this and can’t wait to try this on my son. I have been having severe problems his whole life, he is 14 now. It seems to get worse every year and I just feel helpless as a mom because I can’t find a way to help him, we have tried everything, including medications. The medications didn't work and they wanted me to keep switching so I finally gave up with medications. And along the way different doctors gave him me different diagnoses from bi-polar to adhd to autism. It’s so frustrating.
    I think I will try this on my other son too, who is borderline autistic and having problems of his own. Thank you so much for publishing this and talking about an important subject to thousands of families out there, struggling that feel so alone and helpless.

  2. Just curious--I know other children with the same problems and some of them have been diagnosed with allergies, presumably causing some of their problems. At least one child has been diagnosed with severe gland or tonsil problems, requiring surgery. Have you noticed any of these with Jeddy? One of my brothers and my youngest son also have what seemed to be a milder form of ADD, they both mostly outgrew their problems. As I remember, my brother was medicated for a short while in the late 60's, but it wasn't very successful for him. My son had serious allergies and these may have caused many of his problems, including asthma. I know that many schools jump to the "medication" solution and it's up to the parent to do something else!

  3. I just ordered the small roll on today. I'm praying with all my heart this helps our soon-to-be 4 year old! I'll keep you posted.

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  4. Acabei de conhecer o seu blog e achei maravilhoso. Me visite:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  5. Tristine, please let me know how it works for you!

  6. I will be emailing you to order the larger bottle! I just wanted to let you know that you have your prices flip flopped in the post-it is listed as the larger being 28 and the smaller being 58 :)

  7. Would this work for someone with ADD as well?

  8. I have ADD myself and I tried Aderral years ago and hated it. I would get run down and sick. I use Jeddy's Blend every single day multiple times when I feel I need and it works wonderful for me.

  9. I just purchased the larger bottle for my son. I sure hope it works!!!

  10. I do to Jackie, please keep me posted on how things are going with you and your son.

  11. I ordered mine last night. How long does it take to receive the large bottle?

  12. Hey this sounds great!! lets do lunch and you can bring me a large bottle .. I love the oils that I was going to send to my son so much that I haven't sent him any.What a horrible mom I am but I promise to send him this one lol My husband uses the defuser more than i do he is always putting it on.. thanks for sharing about the oils .. Bev I was going to publish as me but I don't know what a url is and it didn't want my emailso guess you will have to give me a lesson

  13. Hi Bev! Will you email me at We can plan a time this week to meet for lunch!

  14. Hello! I emailed you mid march and have yet to hear back from you. I'm desperately needing to order some Jeddy's oil for my 3yo son. I'm at my wits end.

  15. Does anyone know how long the 1/6 oz bottle last we need this

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  17. thank you so much for your story. It's been such an inspiration to me as I'm sure it has been to many others as well. I just wanted to double check something. Are all your essential oils from doTerra? I know of other therapeutic grade brands that are very good but I'm sure not all blends are created equal, so I thought I'd better make sure! Thank you again!

  18. This is so amazing!!! I cant wait to try it. I have been looking for an alternative to medication for my some adhd. I refuse to put him through the numbing that they cause. I'm definitely interested in this though. My instructor actually advised me to go on this website. THANKS FOR THE SENSE OF HOPE!

  19. I'm looking into some natural treatments for my 6 yr old son with ADHD. A friend of mine posted this page to my facebook. How long does it take for Jeddy's Blend take effect? Does it have to build in his system or do you notice the effects right away? Thanks!

  20. I would love to try this for my 10yr old son who has been taking medication for ADHD for 3 years. I would love to try something natural and have my happy, fun loving, energetic son back. He has such intense emotion such and kindness and love, but also frustration and anger that he doesn't function well without his medication. He tends to find himself in trouble, as it is difficult for people who don't understand these children, to deal with them. So he is usually excluded or negatively discipline leaving him feeling bad about himself, and that begins a whole vicious cycle. How many applications would I get from the larger bottle. I would assume it would take some time to some effects.

  21. You would think it would take a while for results but we saw results on Day 1. Everything you just said is everything that so many parent go through and feel daily. It is so hard on both the parents and the child. I have been so happy to read all the testimonials where the parents are enjoy the children and not just tolerating the. I go through a bottle about every three weeks. There is a buy one get one half off sale through tomorrow. You can see it on Riches to Rags by Dori Facebook Page. Thanks!

  22. i purchased jeddy's blend through spark naturals and am wondering if i need to dilute with a carrier oil in a roller bottle or just use it neat?

  23. Can anyone tell me how it worked Thank you

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  25. I just purchased jeddy's blend through Spark, do i need to dilute it with a carrier oil in a roller bottle?

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