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Friday, July 6, 2012

Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread

Picture by Lovin from the Oven

Cinnamon Banana Swirl Bread


We got rain today! We needed rain so bad and it was so nice to finally see it. I love it when it rains especially at night. We have had a serious dry spell here in Wyoming and although we didn't get tons of water it was some much needed moisture. 

A rainy day is the perfect day to make some yummy banana bread. It is really simple to make and your kids can help you. My girls LOVE to cook, I try to teach them as much as I can when I am cooking.


Now picture this beautiful loaf of bread fresh out of the oven. You slice a piece and spread some butter on it while it is still warm........hungry yet??? I have seen lots of banana bread recipes but I LOVE the cinnamon swirl twist Lovin from the Oven takes on it.

How many times have you bought bananas at the store and they got brown and no one ate them? It has happened to all of us probably more than once. How many times have you said to yourself "That's OK because I will make some Banana Bread"! I have done it a hundred times and never got around to making the bread because I didn't have time and the bananas ended up in the trash. 


Now you don't have to do that! FREEZE THE BANANAS! A very smart lady I work with named Judy told me she freezes her black bananas and uses them on her "terms" when she is ready to make the bread. I never even thought of that. So very smart! All those poor wasted banana's. The riper they are the better they are and sweeter for the bread. 

Here is a picture of my frozen banana's straight out of the freezer. Didn't have to waste them and will be cooking on my time instead of the banana's time. They defrost on their own very quickly. 

Click HERE for the recipe.


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  1. Even easier, peel the bananas before you freeze them and you don't have to deal with the slimy banana peel. I put mine through a food processor to mix them and then they are easier to measure.

    1. I also peel them before I put them in a freezer bag..this bread looks delicious..will have to try it out

  2. I am making this right now with my daughter. Will post on how it comes out. Can't wait. It looks delicious!

  3. Came out great but we only used a loaf pan and had too much sugar/cinnamon topping left over. Will reduce it next time (yes, there definitely WILL be a next time!). Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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