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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jeddy's Blend Giveaway!

Jeddy's Blend GIVEAWAY!

Spark Naturals announced it's new blend JEDDY'S BLEND. A Natural Alternative for ADHD, ADD, Anxiety and more. Let's do a GIVEAWAY for TWO 15ml bottles of Jeddy's Blend.

How to enter:

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5. Leave a comment about your experience with Jeddy's Blend or why you would like to have it. 

Winner will be chosen Thursday morning July 4th!

To purchase Jeddy's Blend click HERE - Use the code JEDDY to get an additional 10% off. 

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  1. I will be buying a small vial of Jeddy's Blend if I do not win some here. I have been contemplating it for weeks now. I don't have anyone with ADHD, but the feeling of well-being aspect is compelling. Who doesn't need to feel well?! I am impressed with the tenacity of Dori to find a better solution than modern medicine. As a nurse, I am intrigued by essential oils and will be researching them further. Thank you for giving me this learning experience, Dori!!

  2. I would like to get some for a few friends and family members who would benefit from this. I have a friend who's son could use this and she's done a lot for her family. As a stay at home mom of two boys and an adhd husband, she has her hands full and she is also somewhat disabled, has a lot of back pain and such. Not only do I believe this blend could help the men in her family but at times I bet she would also find it useful. I keep up on your FB page and share all the wonderful information you share. This family is who I would want to send this prize to even though I know of at least 4 other families that could greatly benefit from this. After stumbling upon your page and information it has driven me to try them for myself as well as get the information out there for others on a natural alternative to drugs and all those nasty side effects.
    hoping to be able to help another naturally
    keep up the wonderful work Dori! I am very grateful to have found your site and that you are so wonderful to help others, Thank you

  3. I have been wanting to try Jeddys Blend and even saved the recipe to gather all the ingrediants including ordering the serenity and balance blend from doterra which I wouldve never done but I couldn't afford to pay such a high price to try the jeddys blend and with the xost of eo's felt it was more realistic for me to try to create it. I'm only missing one of the oils now to make the original recipe and can't afford it until next month so I would love to win this to see if it helps me with my TN disease to keep me focused and allow me to retain more of my memory by having better concentration and alertness to stay on task and be able to concentrate which is extremely difficult for me to do. It will also benefit my 6yr old little girl who has adhd, is extremely hyper and hard to manage on days that I am ill.

  4. I love Jeddy's Blend, it has really helped with my anxiety!! I've been able to cut way back on my anti-anxiety med. Thank you so much!! I shared & gave one of my bottles to my daughter-in-law! Would love to win more! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I love using Jeddys Blend on the whole family. I use it on my daughter for ADHD, it has helped her a ton and no longer on her medication for it. She also has migraines and when she starts to get one I will rub some on her temples and forehead. I was unsure if it would work on headaches so when I got one I tried it and within seconds it was gone. Now that is our GO to remedy. She also has sleep issues and this helps her sleep. She has epilepsy, And Im not positive if it is the JB or fate but her last 24hr EEG 2weeks ago come back abnormal again but this time no generalized activity like in the recent ones. Just abnormal in one part of her brain. my husband got hit in the head a few yrs ago with a tree limb and has had problems ever since. After we got JD i said lets try it and see if it helps and we put it on his neck and GONE!We also used it today for the 1st time as a remedy for anxiety due to my daughter having double eye surgery. It helped tremendously. Im about to run out and this is the GO TO thing in my house for everything. We try it everytime something comes up/hurts just to add it to the thumbs up list. I NEED TO WIN !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I bought a small bottle of Jeddy's Blend a couple months ago and I, unfortunately, didn't see much of a difference in my son. We still had some sleeping issues and he kept having trouble calming down at the end of the day. I never thought to use it on myself or to diffuse it so we could all reap the benefits. I'd love to give it another try but I haven't been able to afford another bottle. I hope I win...again!

  7. Liked and shared! I had an unusual experience with JB. Yes, I had used it on myself to help with focus and agitation (which it did!), after a friend sent me a sample bottle of it. At the time, I used other oils for calming and relaxation. One day, however, I found myself at work highly stressed over a situation that much so that I developed a headache and nausea. I dug around in my purse and the only oil I had with me was, you guessed it, Jeddy's Blend. I figured, how can I go wrong??! guessed it again. Jeddy's Blend calmed me within minutes, and also soothed the headache and the nausea. This blend is a powerful little workhorse!!! Thank you so much for developing and sharing it, Dori!

  8. Angela Rodriguez PiersonJuly 2, 2013 at 12:59 PM

    I just ordered my 1st order of Jeddy's blend the other day. I am anxiously awaiting it in the mail. My almots 9 year old daughter has been on medication for ADHD, ODD and bi-polar syndrome for almost 3 years now. I pray that this stuff can help I would do anything to get her off all the narcotics and crazy expensive medications her doctor has her on. We do not currently have insurance and are paying out of pocket almost $400 a month just for prescriptions alone. I would buy a bottle of this a week if it help!! Winning a bottle would be a god sent!!! Thank you!
    Angela Rodriguez Pierson

  9. Truth be told, I have ordered a Jeddy's Blend hoping it will help with my night sweats but also with plans to share it with family who deal with anxiety and other related issues. It would be great to be able to give a bottle to my family too.

  10. I shared on Pinterest...gladly :)

  11. I have a few family members with ADHD and would love to try an alternative to medication. Right now, they don't use the medication because of the side effects. We would welcome an alternative.

  12. i did all that was asked to enter in this giveaway. i would like to try Jeddy's Blend for my 4 year old granddaughter. she goes from nice to mean in a blink of an eye all day long. plus she is very anxious in social settings.

  13. I would like to try Jeddy's Blend for my anxiety. Medications make me so sleepy.

  14. I use this for my son and for myself! I have loved the results and told several friends who deal with ADHD and/or anxiety. LOVE IT!

  15. Please let me win!!!!!


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