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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School with ADHD and Essential Oils

 Back to School with ADHD and Essential Oils

School is quickly approaching and I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things that work for our family during the school year.  My son Jeddy has ADHD and if you haven't read his story you can HERE.  Read some of the testimonials and how this has helped others as well. 

Jeddy's Blend has been a lifesaver for us during this last school year and we are now looking forward to the new school year instead of dreading it.  Jed is now more confident in himself and doesn't have to deal with those daily battles that he used to. This is my number one recommended for the school year along with a few others.

Jeddy's Blend is a natural alternative for ADHD, ADD, Anxiety and more. This is a blend of 100% Pure Pharmagrade Essential Oils from Spark Naturals. *

You can order and read more about Jeddy's blend HERE


Having a diffuser in your home is so important! It is worth every penny to invest in one. When you diffuse oils in your home the whole family gets the benefit. I like to diffuse something that helps wake the kids up in the morning and then something for calming in the evening. 

 There are many diffusers out there but here are my two favorites.  

Spa Vapor Diffuser

This is a picture of the one on my desk.


The Spa Vapor is the one that I use and have one in each of my kids room. They turn six different colors and they love to watch them while they go to sleep at night. It is very affordable. 

Whisper Diffuser


The Whisper is more expensive but a great diffuser that puts out a great mist. I would use this one for a bigger room. 

I like to diffuse Lavender at night when the kids go to sleep. 
In the morning they love Wild Orange in the diffuser to help them wake up!


These are WONDERFUL!  This is a great way to take your favorite aroma oil wherever you go. I love this for Jeddy for school so he can keep it in his pocket. My girls also have one and love Wild Orange to help them when they are tired. 

I found this one at Aroma Tools. This one is fancier but you can find cheaper ones. 
Rollers and Fractionated Coconut Oil
Roller bottles are a convenient way to apply Jeddy's Blend on the bottom of the feet and under the toes. Fractionated Coconut Oil is an amazing carrier oil that is all natural. It easily absorbs into the skin making it a great way to dilute topical therapies.  Use the code JEDDY to get an additional 10% off!


Apply a few drops of Jeddy's Blend on a pendant necklace and your kids will have 
the extra benefit of smelling it at school to help them concentrate better. All three of my kids have one of theses. Jeddy has one that has a basketball on it. 

I purchased mine from Organic Mom- just send her a message. 

Tip: We keep Jeddy away from sugar and dyes in food. So important! 

So there you go! You now know what works for our family during the school year to make things easier not only for Jeddy but for all of us. It is a much happier place. 

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*You should always discuss treatment of medical conditions with your medical practitioner before using any alternative therapies, natural supplements, or vitamins. Educate yourself on the use of essential oils and always dilute oils with small children. You should inform your primary care physician of what you are using especially if you have preexisting conditions.  I am not claiming this to be a cure, it has helped my sons symptoms dramatically but you should educate yourself on the proper use of Essential Oils for your current situation. Always seek proper medical advice prior to beginning of any treatment with any essential oils. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe any medical treatment or advice. My recommendations for essential oil use are based on what I have learned and personal experience.


  1. My grandson is 7 years old and has Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) the only medication for ODD that actually helps with the disorder are mood stabilizers but it only last about 4-5 hours and really sometimes they don’t even help. The side effects make him tired, he loves soccer but by half-time he is ready to set the rest of the game out. We tried Peaceful Child and that did not work then I found Camp Wander and the Save My Sanity sampler kit. I just have to say AMAZING OILS!! We put Jeddy’s blend on my grandson after we got home that evening. The evening went great he did not even get mad when told no (surprising). Before bed we put the blend on his feet and toes and he put it over his heart. Guess what, HE SLEEP ALL NIGHT again AMAZING. Saturday morning I put the blend on him before he got up, Saturday is our shopping day before Jeddy’s blend I really have to physic myself up to take grandson anywhere, even taking him to daycare can be a challenging if he does not want to go. Off to Wal-Mart we go about half way through I had told my grandson that I was proud of the way he was behaving he just smiled at me. The rest of the shopping trip was so pleasant and the remainder of the day also went so well my daughter and I could not stop praising Trevor on how well he was behaving. I think it even surprised him. Jeddy’s blend is amazing!!! Our hope is to be able to take my grandson off his medication.
    I wish I would have know about essential oils years ago.

  2. Does Jeddy's Blend need to be diluted with a carrier oil or used pure? I bought a bottle a little while ago but have not started using it yet. Also, it it applied all over the bottoms of feet and toes or just in a certain spot on bottom of foot?

  3. my grandson is 6 and Jeddy's blend smells very strong. There was no mention of diluting it, should we?

    1. No you do not need to dilute. It already has carrier oil in it (fractionated coconut oil). It is ready strong but after using it for a while I have grown to like the small. My grandson is 7 and Jeddy's blend works for him, I have it in a roller ball bottle and I start at the top on his foot down to the heel and back up then put it on the top of his toes. Then the part that my grandson love the most massage in. It is truly AMAZING!!

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