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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bead Board Wallpaper!!!!


I love bead board. In my old house my husband put some up in our kitchen and it looked sooooo cute! I really miss it. It takes quite a bit of work and money to put up.
 I was so EXCITED when I saw the Bead Board Wallpaper on Pinterest.  
Never knew this stuff existed!

Below you will find MANY darling ideas on how to use Bead Board Wallpaper. I had so many things picked out I finally had to trim it down or this post would have been WAY to long. All of these examples are using the wallpaper and not the regular wood. Just do a search on Google or Pinterest on Bead Board and you will find really cute ideas that you can copy with the wallpaper. THIS IS PAINTABLE! There are also a few examples of other paintable wallpapers that aren't bead board. 

Hope you enjoy these and PLEASE send me pictures if you use it, I would love to see how it turned out.

This is what a roll look like. 

I LOVE THIS!  Something about a little lamp that adds to much with that bead board in the back splash. I will being to this one for sure in the kitchen. 

                 SOURCE                                                                        SOURCE

I love the RED.

You can't see the picture very good but look at the website and see how darling the wallpaper looks above the Mantel. I might just do this one as well.                                                                 
                                        SOURCE                                                           SOURCE
Both of these add so much to the piece of furniture and the entryway. 

Wow. Think of the possibilities with paintable wallpaper!


                                       SOURCE                                                      SOURCE

I would paint these but you get idea.


This is from Pottery Barn and is the wood (I wanted to throw on in to show you) that you could copy and do the same thing with wallpaper.

I want this corner kitchen sink soooooo bad! The back of the top shelf is the wallpaper, isn't that the cutest sink area ever???? Love the curtains!

The possibilities are endless and so much CHEAPER!


Thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear you comments. 



  1. Very lovely to look at. Wish I could use some. Maybe you can give me suggestions. It is all very interesting.

  2. I used bead board wallpaper in a nook I made for coats and shoes. It turned out really great! I linked to you...

  3. Love your enthusiasm. Great post! I too never underestimate the power of cheap. LOL>

  4. I love your passion! Such a beautiful job too. Amazing what a little paintable wallpaper can do!

  5. I recommend putting up an acrylic plastic sheet over the beadboard in the area behind the stove. You’ll still see the beauty of the wood, but the hot grease won’t damage the paint finish.

  6. I'm wondering where have u found thid wall paper at a good price

  7. Recently we buy a new house and decorate it so beautifully. My interior designer suggested me to use Holden decor wallpaper to decorate our bedrooms wall. And I think this was the best idea. Because this wallpaper makes my room so beautiful.


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