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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pallets and Crates! Decorate Your Home!

I have been very excited about this post. I LOVE THESE IDEAS! Decorating with Pallets and Crates. I am now on a mission to find some crates. I did have my son come with me and to a construction site and get permission to take two pallets that we saw in the trash. They gave us permission to get them and I put them in my garage until I was ready to start. Found some really great ideas to choose from. Last night while watching TV with a nice fire I looked at the wood pile and notice what looked that a pallet piece of wood. My dearest husband cut up MY PALLETS FOR FIREWOOD!  AAHHHHHHH!!!!!!, I was so mad. Anyways, I will now be on the hunt for some more.

Let's start with the crates today since I am still mourning the loss of my pallets. There are some really creative ideas that you can do with these crates!


I want I want I want!

I need I need I need!

 I just love these colors with the black and white! Never seen black carpet. Very cool.

 SOURCE                                                  SOURCE

 I could post a lot more but these were some of my favorites. Next time you see a crate you will look at it in a whole new way.

Now onto the Pallets, I think I can write now about them as the sting (sting meaning anger at the hubby) has lessened about losing my two. :(


Love this Coffee Table.


How awesome is this!   Seriously, I have to make both of these. Love it. 

 I really love this. 

So many great ideas. Hope you enjoy these.

Have a great day.



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