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Monday, August 20, 2012

Chocolate Almond Pastry

 Pictures by Friday Favs

Chocolate Almond Pastry

It is possible that I just found one of the yummiest looking recipes ever! 

I LOVE and I mean LOVE chocolate and pastry together. I am not talking Nutella, I am talking real chocolate chips and pastry. Haven't had it???? You will be in love. 

When I saw this on Friday Favs, I knew I had found something I am going to LOVE for a long time. Thank you Thank you for this wonderful creation!

What a delicious recipe and really easy to make. Serve with a slice of ice cream, ohhhhhhhh mmyyyyy!

 Click HERE for the recipe

Just look at that chocolate! Heavenly.

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  1. Dori....where is the recipe??? you cant leave me hanging like that now!!! lol


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