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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Backyard and Garden Decorating

We are getting SO CLOSE to Spring I can't stand it! Living in Wyoming I won't see it for a while after most of you will. *SIGH*   Today there are birds all over the several bird feeders I have outside. Rewfuss the cat is watching intensely in the window. It gave me a feeling of Spring so today's blog is about decorating for the outside of your home and garden. There are some really cute ideas.


WARNING! These pictures may cause feelings of desperation for SPRING AND SUMMER! (Unless you live in Arizona then I feel for you)


                            SOURCE                                                             SOURCE

                                       SOURCE                                                                 SOURCE

                                SOURCE                                                          SOURCE

How are you feeling now? Are you as excited for Spring as I am? It is a good time to start thinking about the little extras you want to add to your backyard and garden this year. Lot's of items in the Thrift Store. People aren't thinking about those items yet so you should have lots to choice from! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Decorating with Terra Cotta Pots!

I have always associated Terra Cotta pots with gardening.  I love those big pots with big beautiful colorful flowers growing over the sides. I started wondering what other ways I could use these pots other than gardening. After doing some research,  I was pleasantly surprised to find some wonderful gardening ideas along with some other very clever ways to use Terra Cotta pots. 

I love the color combination. 



SOURCE                                                         SOURCE

This is so adorable. Love the colors. 

                              SOURCE                                                                 SOURCE

                          SOURCE                                                                         SOURCE

                              SOURCE                                                             SOURCE

This is another one I LOVE! These would be great to buy them items at the Thrift Store. 

                                       SOURCE                                                       SOURCE

What a great idea for a kids birthday party! Make the pens and decorate your own pot. You can buy a pack of three of these pots and Dollar Tree for one dollar!

 SOURCE                                                            SOURCE

I really tried to cut my list down but there were SO MANY great ideas I just couldn't cut anymore. Hope you enjoy these TERRA COTTA POT decorating ideas, this sure gets me excited for the upcoming Spring and Summer Seasons. Which one is your favorite??

Don't forget to shop at your local Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Thrift store, etc. Thanks for stopping by!



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