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Sunday, May 13, 2012

TIP: Freezing Cheese - Good Advice

Picture and Source from Simple Organized Living

TIP: How to Freeze Cheese

Once upon a time I bought several blocks of cheese that were on sale. I put them in the freezer, took it out when I was ready to use and let it thaw out. I went to shred it and it crumbled. I was very sad. I have never frozen cheese since. I have always thought you couldn't freeze cheese. Well, I was mistaken. Apparently you can as long as you slice it or shred the cheese first! This is very very good news! I really had no idea you could do that!

You have to check out this website called Simple Organized Living. It has some other great tips for freezing food that I had no idea about such as freezing Baked Goods, Baking Supplies, Dairy,  Herbs and Vegetables and more. I will now be following that blog because there is some really great information. 

Hope you learned something with this, I know I sure did!
 Did you know this or am I the only one? Do you have any other great freezing tips you would like to share with the rest of us???? I would love to hear them!

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  1. Same thing occurred to me.. glad you shared this post.

  2. OH!!! I wish I would have seen this 3 days ago...I froze my cheese in the blocks :( DRAT!!! oh well...

  3. I have frozen blocks of cheese before without any real problems. I think it is better to shred/slice it first because it's much easier to use without waiting for it to defrost.

  4. I read somewhere you can freeze cheese in a block. To thaw it you let it sit on the counter until it's totally thawed, put it in the fridge and shred as you would normally. I did this and I could shred my cheese as if it were fresh.

  5. One Good Thing posted a while back some tips on freezing too. You should go check it out. :)


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