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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Spark Naturals Affiliate Program - Work from Home

Spark Naturals Affiliate Program - Work From Home

I am excited to share with you this NEW opportunity that Spark Naturals is offering. A new refreshing way to make money from your own home. NO FEES!

I have tried for years to figure out a way to make money from home but it always was money up front that I didn't have. Blogging has been perfect for me and has allowed me to stay at home full time. I have three kids at home that just started 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. You don't have to be a computer genius to do it!  

Spark Naturals is different and that is what I love about them.  They are offering high quality Essential Oils to those who haven't been able to afford them until now. They are NOT an MLM Company, there is no sign up fees, membership fee, just a great place to shop for great oils along with Accessories in one place. 

This new Affiliate Program will offer so many people a chance to work from home and earn extra money on the Internet just by sharing Spark Naturals. Spark Naturals simply wants to pay you to help spread the word of these great essential oils. No monthly fees, there is a $25 annual fee to help with processing and costs of the affiliate program. 

No pressure to perform from an upline, no minimums or monthly auto-ship orders.

How does the Affiliate Program work? 

You fill out the application online, when you are approved they will send you a link to use with social media so when others click on it, it will then take them to the Spark Naturals page but it will be connected to your affiliate account. You will also get a code that you will be able to offer to others that will give them 10% off their order. 

How do you get paid?

When someone clicks on your link or uses your code and places an order you get a flat commission on those items. It's that simple. 

How do I share Spark Naturals?

Share on your Facebook page with your friends and family. Social Media is amazing. There are so many possibilities at  your fingertips to get this information out. You could tart a blog and put your link and code on your blog. Blogging is not hard, it is really easy to get started. There is lots of information out there to help you. Whether you are doing a blog to start a business or as a hobby you can still make money! If you already have a blog SN will create a button for your page so others can click on it. You don't have to have a blog but if you have a blog you can earn that much more. Others can sign up under you as well and you will also get a referral commission. 
Those of you who have been using Spark Naturals Jeddy's Blend and have been sharing your success with others, this is a great way to get paid for all the people you have talked to about Jeddy's Blend. 

Every time someone uses your code (unique only to you) or your link and places an order you will receive an email letting you know.  

How do I get started?

Please put Riches to Rags by Dori as your referral when asked on the application. Thank you!

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to earn some extra money, this is great place to start with a great company. The best thing I ever did was switch over to Spark Naturals and I am grateful every single day that I get to stay home because I know that it is not always an option but it can be done.

 I would be happy to answer any of your questions so please contact me by leaving a comment or sending me an email at

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I am SO doing this!!! I love Jeddy's and just received my birch oil! LOVE Spark Naturals!!!

  2. I love the Jeddy's blend, I am sooooo doing this !

  3. This is great! I just wish all the legal speak was not so confusing and intimidating. I know it's necessary, but still. I try to read through Terms of Agreement statements, and end up giving up and just agreeing, but I always feel like I'm agreeing to give up my house if I make a grammatical error or something!

  4. I just finished scanning and emailing my application in. YEA!! :) I guess we can NOT use our own discount code in order to get the discount ourselves - right?? I, too, didn't read through the entire thing, so it's probably in the part I didn't read. LOL!

  5. Dori, I was curious on the commission schedule; it doesn't say anything about how we get a commission on the blends. I have someone who orders Jeddy's blend from me.
    Can you point me in the right direction?

    1. Laurie, there is a separate commission schedule for the blends. Have you signed up yet? I didn't put both up so it didn't get so confusing.

  6. I'm getting really excited to start my blog. How long does it take SN to review the application? Hugs!

  7. I'm having trouble downloading the app. Are they still taking applications?

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