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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning Naturally - Make your own products

Spring Clean Naturally

When was the last time you looked at the back of your cleaning supplies labels? You will be surprised  at what you find.

I honestly hadn't thought about it much but my kids school focuses on the environment and teaches them to use cleaner materials in our home. They came home asking why we don't use our oils for our cleaning supplies? Uhhhhhh, what do you say to that?  They are right. So we are making our own and moving forward.

Here are a few ideas for you to use for cleaning supplies in your home for your Spring cleaning. It is simple and easy. When using a sprayer you will want to use a class sprayer or a PET plastic spray bottle

DIY Furniture Polish

1/2c. Distilled Water
1/3c. Spark Naturals Grape SeedOil or Fractionated Coconut Oil
30 drops Spark Naturals Lemon essential oil
8-10 drops Spark Naturals Wild Orange essential oil
PET plastic sprayer bottle (or glass container)

Mix all ingredients in sprayer bottle and shake to combine. Either spray on furniture and wipe with a microfiber cloth, or spray cloth and wipe. It smells lovely, to boot!

All Purpose Spray Cleaner

2 t Borax
4 T Vinegar
1/2c. Castile Soap
20-30 drops Spark Naturals Wild Orange, Lemon, Melaleuca,
32 oz hot water

Fill 32 oz spray bottle 1/4 full with hot water then add borax. Shake to completely dissolve borax.
Everyone needs a great all-purpose cleaner. This DIY recipe is perfect for spot cleaning or more serious scrubbing.

 Spark Naturals PET Spray Bottle

Refreshing Grapefruit Glass Cleaner

1/2c. Vinegar

1/2c. Water


Mix together in a glass or PET plastic spray bottle, shake and go at it!
When cleaning windows outdoors, be sure to wash them on a cloudy day. If its too sunny, the solution will dry too fast and streaks will appear.
In addition, use crumpled newspapers for an economical, streak-free shine. 

My favorite Essential Oils are CW Essential Oils and Salves.

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