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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Brighten up your dishes for the holidays

Brighten up your dishes for the holidays

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and it is time to get those dishes out, cleaned up and ready for big day.

I have a beautiful set of Mikasa French Countryside dishes that my Mom gave me and I have had them for years. I found a bunch more at the Thrift Store several weeks ago to add to my collection. Someone had donated this great and expensive set of dishes probably because they had so many utensil marks on them. I was so excited because I knew I could fix that and make them look almost new again. I couldn't wait to get them home and fix them up.

 I saw this post a long time ago from my sister One good thing by Jillee who also had the same set. When I saw the dishes I remembered her post and headed to the store to purchase some Bar Keepers Friend. This stuff is AMAZING!! I can't believe I haven't had this in my home until now. 

There are so many great dishes sitting in the Thrift Store. Don't pass something up because it looks bad. The Mikasa French Countryside set is my absolute favorite and such beautiful dishes. I got them for .75 to $1.50 each. 

My new best friend.

It is so simple! Wet the dish and pour on some BKF and then wipe down. Start scrubbing, it takes a little work but comes out beautiful. I went back and forth, up and down and in circles. The result amazes me that I got these extra dishes for so cheap and they look brand new. Don't forget to do the bottoms too! 

I am obsessed with finding those amazing deals at the Thrift Store. This was a great find. Try checking out a Thrift Store in your area and see if you can find a treasure of your own. 


  1. I use Bar Keepers and love it also. What a great find! One of my favorite things to do is thrift shopping. Fun post!

  2. Indeed! Such a nice post!

  3. Thanks for such an amazingly easy way to brighten the dishes! I'm happy to find your method here and your posts as well. Hope you'll keep posting soon. The Lord is with you.
    Blessings and warm hugs,

  4. Great tips, my dishes are looking a little grey so I will give this one a go!

  5. Like you, I really like finding treasures at thrift shops! I must say that it's a really nice find, just in time for the holidays!

    -Seon Jae,

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