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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole

 Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole

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Well I did it. I managed to make it through Thanksgiving AND Black Friday. I wasn't originally going to go, but because we live by Murhpy's Law in this house the basement bathroom flooded right after dinner and made a huge mess. I had to go get some Drano at Walmart (the only place open) after trying everything to get it unclogged. I thought the parking lot seemed pretty full but was to tired to care. I had no idea Black Friday started at 8:00pm. Since when do they do that?! I went to get my Drano and thought the people there waiting were awfully dedicated to be there so early. Oh well, I didn't care, again, I was to tired. Waayyyy to tired.

While in the hardware section at the other side of the store I am looking at which Drano to buy and then they announce over the speaker that they are starting. What?!!!! I panicked.  They rip off the shrink wrap and the aisles filled with people like I had never seen. It was like a flash flood and all the sudden I was stuck with my Drano in the middle of this mess with no where to go. I must have had that Deer in the Headlight look on my face when someone laughed at me. I yelled "All I needed was Draino"! I should have started mooing because I felt like one of many cows stuffed in the coral.  and at that moment I caved and decided to go with it and that is how I ended up doing Black Friday. 

 I have to say the people of Wyoming are amazing when it comes to Black Friday. I didn't see any arguments, pushing or disrespect. Don't get me wrong, their were tons of people but they acted like humans. Imagine that! 

I found this recipe on Favorite Family Recipes. This is a cute blog with great recipes made up from four sisters. This recipe looks like something that will become a regular in my house. Anything cheesy and with rice is always a hit. I read the comments and those who made it loved it!

Click HERE for the Recipe.

MEET the four sisters - Echo, Emily, Erica and Elise. Love those names!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy this recipe and please leave a comment and let me know if you make the recipe and your thoughts.

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  1. Hi Dori! So, I shared this recipe on facebook, and I pinned it to my Food!! board on Pinterest (url: I don't know how to share on Twitter for sure, so I copied and pasted the url for this recipe on Twitter. Hope that's right. I sure could use an extra $50 about now. LOL. Thanks.

    1. Oh, my Twitter url is:


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