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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cheese Bread - Like Red Lobster

 Picture by Praying for Parker

Cheese Bread - Like Red Lobster

I love bread, I love cheese and I especially love baked cheese. A long long time ago I was on the Atkins diet and I was doing ok on it I guess. My husband and I went out to dinner at Red Lobster which was easy enough on the Atkins diet until those devilish biscuits came out. I pretended they weren't there, I ignored them because I was strong. My husband went to the restroom and I thought "One little bite won't hurt". When he came back I had a mouthful of biscuits and tried to hide it but couldn't talk. We both started to laugh hysterically. Oh well, no one is perfect right?

This is a wonderful recipe I found at Praying for Parker This is a very inspirational blog and not only is this a wonderful recipe she has a very touching story about her son Parker who was born with Down Syndrome along with many other medical problems. Please take the time to read his story if you can. 

I don't usually ask this but if you have time please take a moment and click on her ads on Praying for Parker so she can earn some money to help with the medical bills for Parker. We all can do something small like that to help. I just did it. Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoy this recipe and have a wonderful day.

Click HERE for the recipe.


  1. Hi your site..Hey I think the link you provided for Prying for Parker is broken..I keep receiving a 404 error page when I tried..Just thought you would want to know..I would love to help this family out as I am sure all of your followers would..lets us know plz..have a great day ;)

  2. Thank you so much for letting me know. It should be fixed now and I appreciate so much your willingness to help out this family.

  3. A very good cause. Good job, Dori. You are an advocate for good.

  4. my 13yr old daughter made this the other night to go with a pasta dish, it was a great addition. she said that it was a really easy recipe to follow and did not take her any time at all, which is a plus when it comes to her baking :).

    thanks for sharing


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