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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Homemade Croutons

Pictures by Sweet Pea Chef

Homemade Croutons

Today for lunch I was craving a salad, I got all the ingredients I love on my salad including the croutons. The croutons I had were store bought, tasted great but they were very hard and they are expensive to buy (if you buy the good one), I can't stand the cheap, dry and stale ones. I love croutons and I don't buy them very often because it isn't really a need in the budget. 

My favorite croutons ever our from The Outback restaurant, they have always been the best in my book. Now I know why I liked them so much. They are just like homemade if not homemade there daily. They are perfectly fresh and delicious and that is what I want at home for my salads. My kids love to eat croutons dipped in ranch. They will love this new treat.  

I thought about this while I was eating my salad and then thought "Why am I not making croutons, it can't be that hard". It was one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" moments. It isn't hard at all, in fact it is so easy my kids could do it. I went to the computer and looked them up and sure enough SUPER EASY!

You can make any flavor you want. I personally would try different things like Garlic, Parmesan Cheese, different herbs, the possibilities are endless. These would also be wonderful served with a warm cup of soup. 

 Next time you go to the grocery store and you see those french breads they have by the registers pick one up......I found these croutons on Sweet Pea Chef. 

Click HERE for the Recipe

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  1. I'm on the same page with you and croutons - the outback has the best croutons by far. I haven't made croutons in a long time...only because I found a cheap store bought crouton that I absolutely love. They're called Texas Toast croutons, and I could totally eat a whole bag of them by themselves! But when I do make them from scratch, I either go the HVR dressing mix or garlic/onion powder.

  2. Dori, you are right Outback croutons are the best! and homemade croutons are super easy. I freeze left over bread sometimes it's sourdough, wheat whatever we have on hand. Could also be heels of a loaf and I keep a small syrup jar filled with garlic olive oil in the fridge at all times. It doesn't take long for the bread to thaw out or if I wait until the last minute I defrost in the microwave. I think the hardest part is cutting the bread in cubes. That's how hard it is to make homemade croutons. They are the best by far!


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