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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stop Anxiety Attacks Naturally

Stop Anxiety Attack Naturally

Nothing is worse to the person who is going through an Anxiety Attack. If you haven't had to experience one you are extremely lucky. I know because I have been dealing with them since 1998. When they first started I didn't know what it was and the doctors couldn't figure it out. We were overseas and it was the worst time of my life. It wasn't until we got back to the states that a doctor figured out that I having having Anxiety Attacks. I had no idea! 

Millions of people deal with anxiety on a daily basis and I wanted to share with all of you what I have learned over the years and what has worked for me. Once I started doing this they were under control and I didn't get them as often and then hardly at all. So don't panic there is hope and way to get through this.  It is time to take control of your life and get back to the life that you deserve. I won't get technical on you and I want to explain it as simply as it was explained to me. 

Knowledge is Power

In the middle of the night after having another anxiety attack I decided that I didn't want to live like this anymore. I jumped on the computer and started reading everything I could about Anxiety Attacks. It was then that I realized that I could beat these and with the knowledge that I learned I could pull myself out of my own anxiety attack before it ever got started. The more you know about something the easier it is to understand.

The Good News

The good news is that when you are having an AA your body is doing everything that is should be doing and is acting normal if there was a crisis. What happens in an AA is that your brain thinks that there is a crisis. IF there was an actual crisis your body is doing exactly what it is suppose to do. It releases a whole bunch of adrenaline to deal with the crisis and those are the symptoms that you are feeling. If you are laying in bed and all that adrenaline is released you start to feel miserable. That gave me such relief to know that. I was normal! My brain just needed to stop thinking there was a crisis. I could deal with that! It really is that simple. Your brain has created a crisis that is not there now you need to train your brain to stop it. 

Tip: Don't engage in negative thoughts. 

Stop it before it starts

The moment of your first symptom SCREAM in your head STOP!  Picture pushing the button below. If you are alone and you need to yell out loud go right ahead. Tell your brain STOP!  Remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with you. Your body is doing exactly what it is suppose to do if there was a crisis but THERE IS NO CRISIS. Get up and walk around and continue to tell yourself to stop and that everything is fine. You will get better and better at this and you will be able to train your brain to stop. It gets easier and easier the more you do it. 

Tip: Avoid excessive Caffeine and Alcohol. 

Use Essential Oils

Every time an AA started the first thing I would do is pop a Xanax. I took them for years. It is a very addicting drug and I was always tired and didn't want to be drugged all the time. I don't take them at all anymore. Many of you know that using Essential Oils have changed my life and my family. EO's can be very valuable for many things but especially Anxiety.  When I created Jeddy's Blend it was a pleasant surprise that it was amazing for helping stop anxiety when it starts. This is the first thing that I grab when the symptoms start. I do the steps above and then roll Jeddy's Blend on the back of my neck and on the bottom of my feet and under my toes. I sit and smell it too and it all goes away. There have been lots of testimonials on how it has helped others with Anxiety. I always have one in my purse for the unexpected when I am not at home. This is an amazing blend of some wonderful Essential Oils.

Find your Happy Place

Print out a picture of one of your most relaxing and favorite pictures. Imagine you are there right now and everything is wonderful. Read a good inspiration book, Breath deeply and exhale. 

Take control of your life and enjoy it. 
You deserve it! Anxiety is real and you should always consult your doctor with any questions. This is what has worked for me and I hope it will help you get through it as well. 

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  1. Great information, thanks!

  2. I suffered AA 30 years ago. I didn't know what it was, I just thought I was dying. Then someone told me that I was having anxiety attacks, and I thought well then it's all in my head and I can control this, and that is EXACTLY what I did, and I overcame them. Every now and then an AA will pop up and I have to yell STOP IT to myself and tell myself that it's all in my head and it's not real, and it goes away!

  3. There is an alternative to berating yourself by screaming STOP IT, that works just as well, if not better. Ask yourself, "What does this feel like?" Be very specific in the answer... This feels "metallic", This feels, "Blood-orange", This feels "as though my bones are going to shatter any moment", et cetera. Then, spend a moment pondering those feelings. When you focus on what the attack feels like, you deprive it of power and over time, you may begin to miss your anxiety attacks because they feel euphoric when you shut them down.

  4. I came across this while looking at a few pins on pinterest. A friend had posted it and as I have been an anxiety sufferer I am always interested in what tools people use to cope with and recover from anxiety. I'm so happy this method has worked for you. I just want to add that if telling it to stop doesn't work for everyone, sometimes telling yourself what is happening works. If you feel yourself getting anxious, just say, yes this is a panic attack and it's a physical response. I find each time I acknowledged it the amount of adrenaline lessened until now they are few and far between. Also, eating right and exercise (and as much sun or Vitamin D that you can get).
    The essential oils I have to try, though! It would be great for my overseas flights!!

  5. I have not more experience about anxiety attacks but after reading your blog i get more information about it .The blog is so helpful . I learned don't panic from this post and other things about anxiety attacks.

  6. Anxiety attacks are frequent occurrences of fear and extreme reactions to situations that seem simple to people who are not sufferers. It is a disorder and is said to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. This can be treated and minimized, but not easily cured.
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