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Saturday, October 5, 2013

ADHD - A Natural Alternative vs Medication

ADHD - Natural Alternative vs. Medication

October is ADHD Awareness Month so I decided to do another post on ADHD because I want others to know our story and how we have dealt with ADHD in our home. 

My sister Rebecca (Camp Wander) sent me this documentary on The Drugging of Our Children from Healthy Holistic Living that I hope you will take the time to watch. There is some very eye opening information on the video and the page regarding the drugs that so many children are taking and how it is affecting them. 

Documentary - The Drugging of Our Children

The statistics are staggering for the amount of children who are on medication for ADHD. Many of them having terrible side effects from these medications as young as 3 years old. 

ADHD is real, I don't believe anyone can say it is not and have a child of their own that has it. It is so hard for a parent to sit and watch a child struggle daily and not know what to do to help.   I am not a doctor or therapist, just an average mother who needed help and I was getting pressured to put my son on medication in 1st grade! I couldn't stand the thought of it. I have ADD and as a blogger it is really hard to sit down and concentrate long enough to write a post like this. I tried medication several years ago, it made me sick, my body would get run down, I would get sick easily,  broke out in cold sores, I was angry, irritable, couldn't sleep, it was awful. I couldn't imagine doing that to my 6 year old. 

Does putting your child on medication make you a bad parent?  NO! Absolutely not. A parent knows what is best for their child and what they need.  There are some children that medication works wonderful for and is just right for their situation but in my opinion all other avenues of natural alternatives should be exhausted and medication should be the last resort. 

Teachers have such an important role in a child life. We have been so fortunate to have had some wonderful teachers the last couple of  years. His 1st grade teacher treated him like he was the worst child and it really affected Jeddy. He always had recess taken away, we were getting calls every day from the teacher, some days from the principle. His confidence spiraled downward and as a mother I was desperate to find something that would help him. That is when I created Jeddy's Blend

I have received hundreds of emails and comments from parents who are desperate to find something, anything to help their child because the medication is affecting their child so badly. Weight loss, mood swings, insomnia, crying, depressed, etc. It is heartbreaking. Some children are begging the parents not to make them take the medication because they feel so bad. I have such respect for these parents and know how difficult it must be to be in that position. 

Knowledge is Power!

Knowledge is power! If you have a child with ADHD research all you can. There is so much information out there on the internet on natural alternatives, diet and exercise. 

Diet is so important with children with ADHD as with all children. If Jeddy has a cupcake he is completely out of control the rest of the day. Something so simple as a cute little cupcake can ruin his whole day. I have had to teach him that he has to learn what things will make him feel bad and feel out of control. It is a learning process that we have to work together on. I am trying to teach him to take responsibility in what he eats because I can't be with him all the time. There are times when he chooses the cupcake and that's ok, he is a kid but he learns that he can't do that all the time. 

I don't claim to be a doctor, therapist or someone with all the answers with a cure. I just want others to know that for our family trying the natural alternative first was what worked for us and that I am so glad I didn't jump into medication first. 

You are the parent and no one can force you to do anything you don't want to for your child. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something you don't want to do. You have the right to take them time to research and do what is best for your situation.

Get involved

Get involved! Find support and groups where you can interact with others who are going through the same struggles as you are. Facebook has so many support groups. It really is helpful and comforting to have someone to talk to especially on those rough days. Additude magazine is a great source of information.

Jeddy's Blend - A Natural Alternative for ADHD

Jeddy's Blend is a blend of Essential Oils that I created for my son several months ago. He has had and continues to have amazing results with it and so have many others around the world. Please give natural alternatives a try if you are faced with the decision to medicate and learn as much as you can.

If you haven't had a chance to read Jeddy's story you can read about it HERE along with many testimonials of this blend for others as well.

How to purchase Jeddy's Blend
Jeddy's Blend

Don't forget to check out Jeddy's Blend Salve as well.

Remember as well to give yourself a break. You are doing much better than you think you are and so many people out there are in the same position as you are as parents. We do the very best we can and we love our children. Please stay involved and continue to be your child's advocate. Thanks you for everything you do.

For more information on Spark Naturals Essential Oils and how they are a big part of our family and Jeddy's Blend please visit my Facebook pages. I love to hear your Jeddy's Blend stories so please share!

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  1. Well I've said it before but for me and my family it never gets old. Thank you Dori! Your product has changed our family. My daughter is living with ADHD and Aspergers. Shortly after starting 5th grade I was told by the school that she was "unteachable and would remain that way unless I medicated (drugged) her". This was many years ago, she is now 26. I wish we would of had Jeddys then, it would of given her a different experience in school. I never "medicated" and fought with her and for her until she finished school. She is now the mother of her own little aspie,who is 4 years old. We have used Jeddys in our home for about 4 months now. It has helped me with my anxiety/menopause. It has helped my daughter and for my granddaughter, we have had the best result. She has not stimmed in about a month and her tantrums have been reduced. She applies her own Jeddys which she refers to as her lotions and potions. She does have a lot of sensory struggles and was irritated by the smell at first but she has come around. So please don't give up if this is an issue with your little one. Blessings to you Dori!!!

  2. Dori, I love your site and I love using EOs, so thank you for all your wonderful posts! Having said that...I need to point out that ADHD is not real. The person who "invented" it, recently admitted that this is not a true disease. You can google it, if I remember correctly and wrote about it recently. I do agree that there is an issue that is yet to be solved and that some people are hyperactive to the point that it disrupts their being in a major way, but this can no longer be called ADHD. I am convinced that Jeddy's Blend helps the issue so I am not criticizing the blend, but please do some research and perhaps rephrase the text that you posted? I know you are all about the true and correct info on your blog so please kindly take my comment into consideration. Thank you again for inspiring all of us with your witty persevering attitude about life! :)

  3. Dori, I just came across your story, and product. I had two kids that are ADHD, and two that are ADD. My husband and I suffer from ADD as well. I have chosen to not put my children on medication and as a result from that we have some pretty rough days with our children who have ADHD. Lately things have been so rough I questioned myself on my decision to not medicate. I have prayed for so long to find something to help my family, and I have shed more tears than I thought possible as I watched my family struggle and I felt so helpless. And then just as I was about to give up I found your story and I felt hope again. I felt connected to you and knew that you have been in my shoes and that perhaps you are the answer to this mothers prayer. I am anxious to try it and pray that I will get the results that others have gotten. My only question is, for a family of 7 how long would a bottle last? We're not on the severe end with our ADD but our children with ADHD are on the moderate end. I just want to make sure I have enough to not run out. Thank you again for sharing this with us and for searching it out so that you could give something better to your son. You have given him, and all of us, a great gift!

  4. I heard a great program on CBC on my car radio. Took a bit to find it on computer, but here is the link:

    You can click on the listen button to hear the program. Just might be additional help for someone.


  5. I'm extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your blog.


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