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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Design your own EO Lotions

Design your own EO Lotions

It doesn't get much easier than this. One of Riches to Rags by Dori's readers and a friend Sandy gave me this wonderful idea. I had always done it with Jeddy's Blend but was thrilled at the endless possibilities with all the different oils out there. 

I made three different lotions that I use the most. The Wake-up with Wild Orange and Peppermint, Pain Relief and Jeddy's Blend


  Unscented Lotion
10 drops of EO
Mix well

Peppermint and Wild Orange

I love this one for the moments when I need a boost or something uplifting or refreshing. These two are so good together. I also love Lavender and Wild Orange together as well, also in the Diffuser. *Do not wear Wild Orange if you are going to be exposed in the sun. Citrus oils should be avoided with sun. I use it as a hand lotion.

Jeddy's Blend - Natural Alternative for ADHD

Send a small jar of Jeddy's Blend lotion with your child to school to help focus during the middle of the day when they can't re-apply Jeddy's Blend if they need it. This oil is great to massage into the feet at bedtime and throughout the day on your hands for focus and calming of the mind.

Pain Relief

We use this one a lot in our house as well. My husband has terrible neck pain and we use this by massaging it into his neck. This oil blend is AMAZING for headaches as well. 


Zen would be amazing for balance and grounding
Shield would be good for prevention from getting sick or use when you are sick.
Lavender or Dream for sleeping and relaxation


This is so simple to make and would be a great gift for Christmas for friends and family. 

Order Camp Wander Essential Oils and Salves. Use the code JEDDY for an additional 
10% off your entire order in-store or online. 

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  1. I'm thinking that the Jeddy's Blend lotion might be helpful to keep in the car for when I get road rage

  2. May I use this particular blog page on my facebook page I have short term memory loss and just purchased Jeddy's blend it would be quite helpful

  3. I would love to get the Fibromyalgia mixture. This is a most difficult "syndrome" to live with. Thanks

  4. Pain relief for me and my sister and a lavender and frankincense for a friend.

  5. Oh something for my fibromyalgia would be soooooo nice. I think you should do a special blend for us that suffer! I love reading your blog. :)

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