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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NEW Jeddy's Blend Testimonials - A Natural Alternative for ADHD, ADD, Anxiety and more...

NEW Jeddy's Blend Testimonials 

We have been so incredibly blessed with the success of Jeddy's Blend and how it is helping children and adults all over the world. The testimonials keep coming in and it is so wonderful to see the changes each family is receiving. Thank you so much to all of you who continue to share your stories. They really do help others who might be in the same situation have hope.

I also recently posted how Jeddy came home with 6 of his past spelling tests all with A's on them. This is one proud Mama. Jeddy is thriving in school and his reading is amazing.  This was a far cry from the kid in 1st Grade that couldn't function long enough to learn and his self esteem was very low.  Jeddy's Blend and Spark Naturals Essential Oils have changed our lives.  If you purchase something from Spark Naturals use the code JEDDY for an additional 10% off. 

If you haven't had a chance to read Jeddy's story or the
 original group of Testimonials click HERE.

Jeddy's Blend is not a cure or a treatment but simply a natural alternative to the medications out there that so many children are struggling with the side effects. I know as a parent how hard the decision is to make for your child and this is an alternative naturally to try so hopefully you won't have too. A common response from children is "it calms the mind".  I hope that you will be able to benefit from this as Jeddy has. We are very grateful for all of you. 

 Jeddy's Blend testimonials have come in from adults and children for ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, Autism, PTSD and more. It is wonderful to see others using Essential Oils to better their lives.  

If you haven't already, please share your Jeddy's Blend story with others. We love to hear them.  Don't give up, there is always hope! If you have any questions please email me and I would be happy to answer them. I also have a Facebook Page for Riches to Rags by Dori and Jeddy's Blend if you want to LIKE the pages and get updated testimonials and more.  We have lots of fun and do lots of Giveaways. 

How to Order Jeddy's Blend

(order through this site and get a free glass roller bottle and free shipping)


"Today my daughter is 9. She is growing so fast. This weekend we had our family party on Saturday and her friend party today. This was the first year we had so much fun and she was able to stay calm. We have put everything away, all presents and we had fun. I was bummed when she went to bed as this has been such a great fun weekend. This is the first year we are on jeddys blend essential oil. I'm so thankful for it as we had fun." -M

"I am so thankful to have found your product. It has helped tremendously. When we first received our 5ml bottle, I sat my lil wild one down and talked with him about his new magic medicine and read Jeddy's story to him. He asks me to read it over and over again from time to time. It was amazing to see his expression once he realized some one else felt just like him. Now I have spoken to many friends about the product in hopes they too will give it a try. I could not be more pleased with what it has done for my child and our lil family. This weekend I will be purchasing the larger bottle because I know we can never be without this wonderful stuff and hope to share an application or two others. It being all natural is just icing on the cake. Thank you again!" - T

"Hi! A couple weeks ago I reached out to you for advice on dealing with the strong scent, as my son was fighting against using it. You recommended mixing it with fractionated coconut oil. Just wanted to let you know my son actually put the oil on himself tonight when homework time was getting tense. I'm a hopeful mama tonight! Thanks." -S

I never thought my 4 year old would use it due to her sensitive sensory issues BUT we lovingly didn't give her a choice and she now loves it. She knows it helps her! Don't give up!! - J

 As someone who detests using medicine, I'm excited an grateful that I can reach for my EO's when something is needed whether it be for headaches, nausea, body aches and pains, colds, stress, insomnia, bug bites, hives....oh the list goes on. My favorite is the jeddy blend that is amazing helping for anxiety/panic disorders. 

Loving my eo's! Jeddy's has been a god sent for my youngest son! He too is now getting A's all over the place and his confidence has soared! Also loving the benefits of eo's for my whole family!

 I have loved Riches to Rags by Dori and Jeddy's Blend facebook pages for a long time now. The adults in my family use Jeddy's Blend for anxiety and stress and we love it. Have been using EOs for less than a year now but am totally enamored of all I have tried. - P

We've been using Jeddy's Blend on our 3 yo sensory seeker. She went from Rough days at school to Great ones. Love having a Non-Pharma solution. - M

My son hated using meds for ADHD but he asks to use Jeddy's Blend every day! I am so glad to be rid of meds for him. He was so skinny and never ate all day long at school. Then he would have raging headaches from not eating . Essential oils are so much better! - S

My children love jeddys blend! My daughter actually just pried the ball off and rubbed herself down with the whole bottle the other day  it's "magic" oil. My son takes a bottle to school with him to use when he's having a bad day. - K

What I love about EOs is that it has helped my 11yr old daughter who has several health issues get off 4 of her prescription meds and down to ONLY 1 which is a seizure med. I LOVE jeddys blend and use it on her everyday. I am so thankful that I come across you and your sisters otherwise I would have never started my EO journey. -K

I love what essential oils can do to keep me healthy and happy. And Jeddy's blend help me stay calm when I am having anxiety and panic issues. - K

I have been using Jeddy's blend for my boys and am just starting to get into the EO world. We have loved it so far! - M

I LOVE Jeddy's blend. It makes a huge difference for my 6 y.o. - J

Jeddy's blend is wonderful. My daughter uses it everyday and the proof of how well it works is her report card! Even I use it to help me focus and relax at work. - N

I use Jeddy's Blend everyday. I drive a school bus (dif groups from k-6) and it really helps me cope at times. LOL I love that the oils are natural and don't have harmful side effects. - G

About a month ago, I broke down and purchased Jeddy's Blend. I was skeptical but knew I needed something for my son. I diffuse it when he comes home from school. I have seen a difference and he LOVES the smell. - J

Bought Jeddy's Blend for my son. But now all the kids use it! - C

I love to use EOs in my home to cleanse, clean, repel, defuse, but more than anything, mood enhance to keep us all happy. Jeddy's blend has replaced so many prescriptions in my life. I'm thankful for EOs & this lady (Dori) & her sisters.

From Ms. Levy's sciences classes 

"I did receive the diffuser and Jeddy's that you sent and I LOVE my diffuser! It is constantly running now. I've used it in my classroom everyday since I received it and it has made such a difference for my students! I truly believe the Jeddy's Blend has made a huge difference in my classroom. My students seem a lot more in task when I'm diffusing JB then anything else. They have all taken a shine to "our" diffuser and starts letting me know when it needs water and even have put in requests for scents! I've had a few teachers even stop by my room, ask what it was, and have even said, "If it works, let me know and I'll definitely buy one for my room!" I've shared my experiences since using JB, and I do believe I have at least one teacher ready to convert! I've even had a conversation with a parent who's child suffers extreme anxiety and shared my experiences with my own anxiety and success with Zen."

"Well I've said it before but for me and my family it never gets old. Thank you Dori! Your product has changed our family. My daughter is living with ADHD and Aspergers. Shortly after starting 5th grade I was told by the school that she was "unteachable and would remain that way unless I medicated (drugged) her". This was many years ago, she is now 26. I wish we would of had Jeddy's then, it would of given her a different experience in school. I never "medicated" and fought with her and for her until she finished school. She is now the mother of her own little aspie,who is 4 years old. We have used Jeddy's in our home for about 4 months now. It has helped me with my anxiety/menopause. It has helped my daughter and for my granddaughter, we have had the best result. She has not stimmed in about a month and her tantrums have been reduced. She applies her own Jeddy's which she refers to as her lotions and potions. She does have a lot of sensory struggles and was irritated by the smell at first but she has come around. So please don't give up if this is an issue with your little one. Blessings to you Dori!!!"

Jeddy's Blend Testimonial..."We have had our oil for little less than a week!!!! I'm not gonna go into our problems but with our little grandson the results were immediate! For my 38 year son who is in a very high pressured job it was not as obvious at first ( I'm sure it found him as a real challenge) but yesterday he text me & simply said " Mom it works! He feels calmer & more able to think! I don't believe in miracle drugs & people are skeptical! They don't have a problem obviously! ! My son wants to know about buy in in bulk! He is in ND & doesn't want to run out!" - A

"Thanks so much. All 3 of my boys have diagnosis including ADD, Autism, Asperger's and Depression. I've used essential oils since 1993 and am a massage therapist but I was still skeptical. So I began experimenting with Jeddy's blend first on myself and really enjoyed the benefits. Today I enlisted my (15 y.o) son to put it on my feet. Well, that got him interested in it and asked what it was for and before I knew it he had rubbed his feet with it and wanted me to add some to his spine. The 5 y.o.(autism) witnessed all this and asked for same! Maybe even just smelling it on us had already begun the effect because he has never asked for massage, though I do it nightly after bath. After he was done he spoke very clearly and looking me in the eyes, said, "thank you , thank you very much". He continued on speaking very clearly and talking about many things I've never heard him say before.He was interactive, playful and cheerful. Can't wait to see what happens due to cumulative application. There really is something very beneficial in the combination, truly I'm grateful."

This morning was a testy one for this grandmother Drove to Seattle for the first time in the 4 years I have lived in Washington had to take my daughter to the UW Medical Center to get her wisdom teeth extracted (she is 28 and they were impacted) the last thing I needed was my grandson bouncing off the waiting room walls. I was in such a rush this morning I forgot to oil his feet with Jeddy's Blend as we sat there for about an hour he started not listening to me or paying attention to me. I thought gosh I wish I had his oil, then I remembered I had the small one in my makeup bag so right there in the waiting room much to his embarrassment I took his shoes and socks off and tickled his feet with Jeddy's I kid you not within 30 min he was a complete different child. Dori I know I have said it before but but God Bless you for coming up with Jeddy's Blend With school starting soon I need to order a new bottle." - Kathy

"We have received MANY testimonials for our Jeddy's blend. Today I will add my own. We have a 4yr old princess who is full of energy. She is all over the kids class at church. We have tried everything from threats, bribes, treats and nothing has worked. We have been using Jeddy's blend on her everyday for the last week. We have it in a roller bottle, apply it to the bottoms of her feet, her wrists and the back of her neck. Today when church was over her teacher spoke to us and said the she was WAY better and asked what we had done. I told her about Jeddy's blend. I am SOLD! If you or a loved one struggles with being able to focus, give Jeddy's Blend a try! Happy Sunday!"

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  1. Hi Dori! I had purchased the EOs to make Jeddy's Blend a while back but cannot find the recipe now. I had pinned it, but that pin is going back to a page that does not have it anymore. Can you help please? Thanks!

  2. Wow, do they ever look tasty. I will certainly have to try them some time. Thanks D for the good tutorial.

  3. I would like to have that recipe, too, for my veteran with PTSD. The drugs the VA has him on are so dangerous!

  4. I am sorry that the recipe is no longer available because Spark Naturals has it under trademark and I can't give the recipe out anymore. It is still available for sell though.

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