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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Taco Casserole

 Pictures by Healthy Delicious

  Taco Casserole

 I am really starting to feel fall in the air. It was 35 degrees this morning when I woke up! It warmed up to 70 degrees in the afternoon. Perfect weather in my book. Are you seeing signs of Fall yet?
I have been on the look out for some good kid friendly recipes. My one daughter has been extra picky lately and I wanted something that I KNEW she would eat. I love this recipe. It is low in fat PLUS everything that I know she will eat and eat a lot of it. She would just add cheese on the top and maybe some lettuce.

I would have a separate plate for the rest of us that had, onions, tomatoes, sliced lettuce and anything that sounded good. Guacamole of course.  I think this is a great family meal and one that kids will love. 

I came across this great blog I have never seen before with some great recipes called

This blog is loaded with some good low fat recipes. 

 Click HERE for the Recipe

 Hope you enjoy this great family recipe and that your picky eaters will love it!

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