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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Organization Tips

It seems like I have done alot of blogging on getting organized. I guess that is a good thing. That is my New Years Resolution, get my house, health and family more organized. It really needs it and I am so motivated to do it, so I am determined to do something everyday.   As I said before, God forgot to give me the organizing gene.  Since I think I am not that good at it this is my little reminder.....

Tomorrow the kids (silent shout for joy) go back to school after being home for two weeks! This was a great way to get them ready to go back.  It has been nice to have the home but I am ready to get some things done around the house. Today we cleaned the girls room and I am so mad that I didn't take before pictures. One of the things I was determined to do was to get the kitchen and barbie toys organized.  My blog today is going to show you how I organized those toys and what a difference it makes.
These boxes were all over the room, tucked in corners full of barbies, stuffed animals, doll clothes and tons of kitchen play items.

I bought two of these shoe organizers that go under the bed. They were $6.75 each at Family Dollar.
I like the one that goes under the bed because you can put it away and not see it.

I told the girls what my plan was and they were really excited to get started. I put the organizer on the floor and told them to put everything in a pile and start organizing it. They really enjoyed doing it. Then we did the kitchen items. We cleaned the room from top to bottom and they kept hugging be and saying thank you for their "New Room". It was really nice to spend the time with them and see them so happy just because their room was clean and organized!

This is what we accomplished. Sooooooo much better than stuffed in boxes and laying on the floor and the barbies fit perfectly.

 Zipped up and then stuffed under the bed to the back where you can't see it. Yippee!

Now the Kitchen items. These were zipped up as well and now both of these are tucked under their beds and you can't see them at all. What a difference. I have been using baskets for everything and they really have started taking up alot of space.  There was no more room for baskets for all this stuff so this worked out perfectly. Don't get me wrong though, I LOVE BASKETS and will always have them but they weren't working for all these toys.

I will need to do another one of these to hold the Littlest Pet Shop toys, My Little Pony, Polly Pocket, etc toys.

Something so small gave me such a feeling of accomplishment, now I feel like I can tackle anything! Watch out house! Here I come!


I love this bathroom and how they organized under the sink. It just feels clean looking at it. Mine tends to be a bit of a small disaster and since I love baskets so much I can use some here. There are MASON JARS TOO! Love those things! I adore those blue ones!



  1. I just discovered your blog today and have found sooo many great ideas! Can't wait to put them into action! Thanks!


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