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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Generation Plant

Grandmother to Mother to her children....


My husband and I have been together since 1993 and for several years he would be sweet enough to buy me roses on certain occasions or just because. Of course I loved them and they were beautiful but THEY DIE! It makes me crazy to spend $70 on roses for them to die in a few days. So, I told him to please not to spend that much, I would love daisies more and the are so much cheaper BUT what I would really love to have is a plant. A plant will continue on and on and on if you take care of it and you are investing in something that will live.

                                          After a week I would much rather have the plant. 

When my mother was a little girl back in the 30's her mother had a beautiful Orange Day Lily plant that would bloom gorgeous orange flowers on her birthday in December. She was able to part out a piece of the plant and give it to my mother so she could have her own. Now my mother has a amazing Lily that is part of her mothers that originated probably over 85 years ago at least. This year on my Grandma's birthday in December my mother woke up and overnight the lily had opened up the blooms with lovely orange flowers. My mother cried when she saw the flowers on her Mothers Birthday. What a great gift her mother had left her.  Since I live in Wyoming and my Mother lives in Utah I asked my brother to take a picture and send it to me and this is what I got. LOL. Not quite sure why it is on the floor. You can see the beauty much better from the side but at least you can see it and the bloomed flower is still there. 

My mother parted out a piece of her plant and gave one to my sister and also blooms within a few days of Grandma's birthday every year.  She gave me one as well that has blooms the same way. My other sisters will be getting one as well. When mine is full enough I will part mine out and give it to my children and teach them how to take care of it so they can pass it on to their own. This way we can keep it going Generation to Generation. 

Here is a great pictures of my sister Becky's plant when it bloomed in December a few years back while I went there at Christmas. It loves it in front of her big window.

Isn't it beautiful? Look how the flowers reach for the sun. That is one of the Day Lily characteristics is that its stems will reach for the sun. This one is full enough where she can take a part out now and give to her daughters. They would have a plant from that came from their Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother that all started from one plant and can continue to pass down from Generation to Generation. 

This one is mine (not as grand as my sisters, she has a serious green thumb, mine is kind of purple) and has lots of new shoots coming up, can't wait for it to get as full as theirs so I can part mine out to my daughters. It is recovering from the move to Wyoming but doing well. 

Go to your local thrift store they always have pots there for really cheap. Start looking while no one else is thinking Spring yet and you will get a better selection. 

Here is a website to help with 

What greater gift could you give to your child than a living plant that can carry on for generations? It is very sentimental to me and as you can see from the story above my mothers as well. What a special gift this is to me that I will always cherish. I treat it like fine China because I want it to carry on forever. 

Mom, when you read this THANK YOU for the best gift you could have ever given me. I love you.

I hope you enjoyed my blog today and will think about growing a potted Day Lily that you can part out to your children. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Dori, what an amazing tradition! Thanks for posting this. :)

  2. I have a Christmas cactus that my grandmother planted for me when I graduated high school in 1975. I still have the plant in the same pot she put it in for me all those years ago. I have potted many "babies" from that plant, and it has been in my classroom since I began teaching in 1979. I have given cuttings to many of my former students who are now teachers. Just my way of keeping my grandmother alive.
    P.S. One of my former students is now my new assistant principal in my building, and I am giving her a cutting from the plant that was a part of her 4th grade classroom 25 years ago.

  3. I love this idea. :-) Wonderful tribute to your Mom!


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