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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thrift Store Basket Inspirations

I mentioned in my last post how much I love FRAMES and JARS, I am pretty sure that somewhere along the line I have mentioned BASKETS as well. There is just something about a basket that makes everything so much cozier and warm. My post today is on inspiring basket designs that I love. It can be used for a beautiful decoration, storage, gardening, etc. Either way they are absolutely fabulous.


While I was trying to find the motivation to clean out my pantry I ran across a pin on Pinterest where someone used baskets to store items in their pantry. I have the worlds smallest Pantry. There really isn't a lot that can be done but that simple little idea made it soooo much better. I can actually see what I have in there now. It may not be pretty and perfect but more organized makes me happy.

This was the pin that inspired me. Mine is by far not quite as extravagant, pretty, etc, but you get the idea....

Here are my before and after picture. I know I know! I should be ashamed of my before picture but I am making progress! 

No wonder my kids are hungry I hardly have any food! Time to go shopping I guess. I would be much more motivated if it was so dang cold and windy!

This is my after shot. Much better, nothing special but I love the baskets that are organized. 

When I get more baskets from the Thrift store I will organize it more. I am in a rental right now so the extravagant is going to have to wait until we buy our house.


Very clever!

I love the wire baskets holding the towels. 



Baskets and Lavender together? My heart be still. Ahhhhhh


If someone brought me this while I was sick and added a good book or magazine I would be forever grateful!

This is a great idea and would be darling decorated in a cute basket!

Theses are painted baskets. Love the colors!


 Excellent Idea. I will be putting this in my pantry.                                                                                                     

Crochet Baskets

I have a big basket like this that I store smaller pieces of wood by the fireplace. 

So now you have a few basket inspirations. These are some of my favorites and some really great ideas! Baskets are not cheap so go to your local Thrift Store and see what they have. Continue to check back there often as they will restock and I always pick up a good basket every time. Hope you enjoyed!



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