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Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Decorating Ideas for Headboards

It is time for a new headboard in my room. I wan't sure what I wanted to to do yet so I did some research and I am IN LOVE with this headboard above! It is a bench seat pad and the ties are tied to hooks added to the shelf that was made. BRILLIANT! I love the look and it is so me! Can't wait to get started. 

While looking for the headboard I wanted I decided I should share the ones that I thought were different, unique and the one I really liked. Most of these would not be hard to do yourself and don't require any major building. 



 Use fabric markers of different thicknesses or colors to write favorite quotes, poems, or lyrics on the panel. Hang the creation from a curtain rod using clip rings.

Three closet doors (the ones that have a hinge in between two of them) Cute idea.

Vinyl adhesives on painted foam-core board and framed. Put trim on inside of the frame with hot glue.


                                         SOURCE                                                              SOURCE
       Framed Fabric. Love it, and the colors. 

Two solid pine doors with molding added to the top and painted.

                                       SOURCE                                                    SOURCE
                          Old Fireplace Screen painted.             Two shutters turned sideways 
                                                                                                    with batting and fabric

Bring the serenity of a garden to the bedroom with a headboard fashioned from two trellises. Cut away the ends on one side of each panel so the trellises abut. Secure them together with wood screws. Staple a paper square to the back of each opening. Use hot glue to attach art prints to the front of some of the panels. 

                           Woven wood. SOURCE                   Two old closet doors SOURCE

Clever idea. I think that would be really cute with the right quilt.

Pallet's Pallet's Pallets! Can't get enough of them. 

I really like this one. I can just see how comfortable it would make the room at night with the glow when the lights were off. I might have to do a tutorial step by step for my girls room on another blog post. I'm on a mission. Stay tuned!

I reall like this one too. 

Love the yellow accent.

There are many of these items that can be found at your local thrift store that you can upcycle such as doors, letters, fabric, quilts, frames, curtain rods, etc. Save yourself some money and upcycle! I look forward to working on my new headboard ideas and will post them when I am done. 

Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for stopping by. 




  1. Wow, you are great, and many thanks for lovely info.

  2. I've been looking for the perfect door for my headboards for over a year now! Love all of your ideas!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments. Hope you find that perfect door!

  4. Dori -
    Where did you find that style of bench pad? I looked thru the links, but did not see anything close. I also did a few searches but they all seem to be the flat, outside looking pads. I just love this!! I really appreciate you pointing me towards where you spotted it. Thanks!


    1. thank you - I am about to buy a new bed without a headboard now and create one myself

  5. Good for you! Making it yourself will be so rewarding. I would love to know what you ended up doing. Good Luck!

  6. GREAT post! I've been searching for DIY headboard ideas. Thank you!

  7. Amei o post,parabéns.Estou te seguindo agora,beijo.

  8. too many choices! thank you.

  9. Love, love, love these ideas!!! I have been looking around for a headboard for the spare room, and now I have found the one I will use...thanks again!! :-)

  10. Truly talented Lady!
    Love you creative ideas.
    Such a gift.

  11. This is soo helpful!!!Thank for you for sharing. I finally can start doing my room

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