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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Lemon Steals The Show! Tips, Tricks and Treats

Meyer Lemon Tartlets - WOW! Perfection


What would we do without LEMONS? There are so many amazing Lemon recipes out there. 
Lemons do so much more than make a great drink and add to your food recipe. Here are a few Lemon secrets that Martha Stewart shares with us. 

Prevent Fruit Oxidizing
When the flesh of some fruits is exposed to air, it turns an unattractive brown color. You can slow this natural oxidation process by squeezing lemon juice over the fruit. 
Clean the Cutting Board
Lemons are perfect for removing tough stains and strong smells from cutting boards. Simply squeeze half a lemon onto the board, scrub, and allow to soak for 20 minutes before rinsing. 
Sanitize the Garbage Disposal
If the odor in your garbage disposal has you pinching your nose, try dropping half a lemon into the drain along with some baking soda.
Clean the Microwave
Clean a messy microwave by boiling 4 Tablespoons of lemon juice with a cup of water -- the mixture will loosen dried food particles on interior microwave surfaces and allow you to easily wipe them away.

What a great idea to squeeze the lemon juice out! It is so much easier on the hands.

                                                              SOURCE                                                     SOURCE

The yellow adds the perfect touch.

I wish I had this right now!

My daughter wants her Dad to build this for her so bad!

Love this sign.

I know what I am making for dinner tonight!

 Fruity Ice Cubes. Lemons, Limes and Oranges. 
Put in a muffin pan and fill the rest up with water or punch and freeze.

Gorgeous Picture. I have a Trifle bowl I just might have to bring out and fill with Lemons. Makes a big difference when the leaves are still on adding that Green.                                                          
                                           SOURCE                                                      SOURCE


What a great idea. Save an old wine bottle and mason jars and re-use for lemonade.

Look at these gorgeous Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes!

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