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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Garden Stakes - Afternoon Mini Post

Created by blomsterverkstad
Minna's Portfolio - Amazing. 

This is what I am calling a Mini Afternoon Post. 

I ran across this on Pinterest and had to share it. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! How adorable are these cute little stakes that someone made simply out of wire and are using them for vines to climb up. What a wonderful combination with old vintage items and the checkered red and white napkin makes a perfect little picture. 

You can purchase those little pots at the dollar store in a three pack and then age them yourself and pick up some old antique items. I can't wait to buy some wire and make these stakes. There was no webpage attached but there is a name on the bottom of the picture. I always want to give credit where credit it due. Update: Found the creater! See link above.

All you Gardeners out there....What would you use to grow up these stakes?  

Hope you are having a great afternoon. The weather is beautiful here today in Wyoming. 


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  1. Dearest Dori!
    Thank you so much for your kind words about my work. You can see more of it on my blog Blomsterverkstad on this address: .I'm currently working on my new webpage, but lot's of things remain to do on that one. I truly share your passion for thrift stores and re-using things. So happy to have found you! Hugs from Sweden! Minna :)


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