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Monday, March 5, 2012

Turn a Closet into your very own Office Space!

I came across a small dilemma recently. We have three bedrooms upstairs and a basement with two bedrooms. Two very dark bedrooms, one has a small window and the other we call the "Cave" with no windows. We were all upstairs and my daughter (9 and 8) said they wanted to move down into the basement. I told them that I didn't want to move them down there because last time we did it they moved back up and said they were scared. It was a ton of work. Well, they begged me to give them another chance. Of course I caved! Guess what happened? About a month later (thanks to their younger brother trying to scare them) they want to come back up. *Sigh* 

So they basically gave me what we call in our house The Mighty O'Dell Guilt Trip

During this time I used the room upstairs that they were previously in and FINALLY got to set up my own office. I was delighted, I have been in heaven. My own space! My own room! Well that didn't last for long.  My two sweet girls will be moving back upstairs. 

No more room. :( I HAVE to have somewhere!  I don't like basements and it is dark down there, I can't be inspired in a dark place. Since my little work place has to find a home and after the research...... The closet it is!

I found some wonderful ideas on how to turn a closet into a work space, whether it be for you or your children. I am excited about the options and ideas I found. 

While you are looking at these take them time to see all the little details in each one so you can get ideas for organization, lighting, decor, storage, etc.  

Beautiful Office Spaces.....

                                           SOURCE                                              SOURCE                                            


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                                   SOURCE                                                 SOURCE


Don't have a closet but just have a small? There a many darling office set-ups for small spaces. Here are just a few I loved. 

                                             SOURCE                                                SOURCE

If you have been waiting to have your own space but don't have an extra room to do it, now you have some new ideas. Thanks for stopping by. Please become a follower if you like my page. 



  1. My sister put her son's desk and computer and printer in his closet as well and it really looked good and worked good,his bed room had 2 closets side by side,so he still had plenty of closet space,but not much room space so this freed up a lot of room the room.Great Idea!!!

  2. I think that’s one sacrifice every parents do for their children. But this is a great idea! Aside for having your private stuff organized and well secured, it’s also a space saver which is advisable for small houses. Thanks for sharing this! I’ll definitely make one for myself.

    Clayton Steadham

  3. Wonderful post! I really learned a lot. Having an office space like this at home will truly help me to motivate myself on what I’m doing. With a room like that, it will definitely help anyone become more enthusiastic to work.


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