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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Banana Pudding with Nilla Wafers

 Picture by The Jey of Cooking

Banana Pudding with Nilla Wafers

There is something about this recipe that has me completely craving it! I don't know if it is the mixture between the pudding and the crunchy wafers but I am sure wanting this right now. I might just surprise my kids and make this for dessert on Monday night when we make our yearly tree ghosts for Halloween.

This is an easy dessert to make. Easy ingredients and I love the Wafers in it then top with more bananas and whip cream. I AM SOLD!

I found this recipe on The Jey of Cooking.

 Click HERE for the Recipe

There is a page that has some really good holiday recipes for Nilla Wafers that I found that so I thought I would share them with you. Here are a few pictures. 

NILLA Pumpkin Mousse TrifleNILLA Chocolate Pudding Cups


For more delicious recipes using Nilla Wafers click HERE.

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