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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Big Batch Chili - Freeze it for cold nights

 Picture by Pass The Sushi

  Big Batch Chili

This is such a great idea! Not only is it a great recipe, but you make a BIG BATCH of it and then freeze the rest. You can use it later for those cold nights. Just reheat it and top with cheese, onion, sour cream, etc.....

Perfect for those stormy nights when you just don't want to cook. Sitting in front of a fire with a blanket and a warm bowl of chili sounds much better don't you think?

 This is a great recipe that I found on Pass The Sushi.
I love her blog. I have posted from her before. Enjoy!


Please share if you make the recipe. I really love hearing the different twists people do when making it themselves. Thanks so much for all the support you give the Riches to Rags by Dori. 

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