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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chicken Ranch Pasta

 Picture by Plain Chicken

Chicken Ranch Pasta

 The roles have switched in our house! When my dear husband got injured and is now home it was my turn to step in and go to work full time. This was quite the challenge for my husband because he took over the role of cooking. I know I know, I can hear some of you snickering because your husband wouldn't dare attempt that role. I never thought that either. I was very surprised when he rose to the challenge and has done an amazing job. I am very lucky.

  You just never know know when something can happen in the family and all the sudden things change! 

I used to make most of my posts like all the other food bloggers. Trust me, believe me, I miss it with a passion. I did not want to stop blogging because I love sharing great food. So, for the time being I try to find wonderful easy recipes and share them with you (and the hubby). I also enjoy sharing other great blogs where I find these recipes so you can get to know them to and they get the credit for the great food they created.

So, now that you understand me a little better, I just wanted to thank you for all your support and kind comments to Riches to Rags by Dori. I really do love what I do and I hope you are enjoying what I am posting.

This is a great recipe that is easy to make and they kids will love! It has everything in it that is a crowd pleaser in my house. I found this recipe on Plain Chicken and I love her blog. She has great recipes and I am a frequent visitor. 

Click HERE for the Recipe

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  1. So I have bookmarked your blog after stalking many of your recipes on pinterest. Wow you have some yummy looking stuff out there in cyberspace. I commend you and your hubby for reversing roles. It is hard on both of you.
    With three little kids and only one income, my hubby and I are very tight on resouces. When delicious gourmet food was part of our lives most nights of our weeks, scaling down and transitioning to kid/gourmet friendly meals are rare. You have been an inspiration to me that I can once again eat super yummy food. Thank you for your time! Alison

  2. Wow ! the recipe looks delicious. Thanks for sharing this easy-looking recipe. I MIGHT
    try it sometime soon.

  3. Dori, I always look forward to your posts! Not only have you posted delicious recipes of your own, but I have found many wonderful recipes and other blogs from you. Thank you for your work, and good luck to you and your Hubby with the lifestyle change. Life does have it's ups and downs! Marcia

  4. I am making it for dinner this weekend. Thank you for the Great, Yummy Idea. Im sure it will be a hit with my kids.

    Fort Worth Tx
    Keep up the Great Ideas!!

  5. Chicke Ranch pasta is described here. Know all about it


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