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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baked Chicken Chimichangas

Baked Chicken Chimichangas 
The weather here in Wyoming has been so nice this last week. It is hard to believe that it is November and still in the 60's. Two weeks ago it was 9 degrees at night and snowing. It is suppose to snow this weekend so I am going to enjoy these next couple of days. The colds have already started and when I get home from work it is just about dark. Colds days are ahead but cold weather brings lots of cooking and baking, warm socks, warm fires, Christmas lights, hot chocolate and so much more.... 
 When I saw these I was instantly hungry because I love Mexican food. I have made lots of Mexican recipes on here. I don't go out as much to eat as I used to but when I do go out for Mexican food I ALWAYS order Chimichangas. I usually eat them way to fast too because they are so good then I get a belly ache. You would think I was a Marine in Boot Camp who only has 30 seconds to eat. Shame on me.
 This recipe is an easy and healthier way to make these than deep frying them. I would melt some cheese on top of them and garnish with sliced avocados, sour cream and some cilantro.
I found these on The Girl Who Ate Everything. She has some awesome recipes.
Click HERE for the Recipe 
(I eat everything and I don't get to stay that skinny! Not fair!) 

Enjoy this delicious dish, have a wonderful day and be happy. 
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