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Monday, November 12, 2012

Crock Pot Double Chocolate Nut Clusters

Picture by Farm Flavor
Crock Pot Double Chocolate Nut Clusters
I have found the perfect recipe to make holiday gifts for friends and family. How much easier can you get than throwing it all in a Crock Pot and then plopping them into mini cupcake holders. It makes ALOT which is perfect since I have lots to give out.
 Since I am working full time it is going to be hard for me to find the time to make something that is time consuming and a large amount of it. I love this idea and I am doing it! I can sure use the time saver. I still have to deal with Christmas presents. Ugh.
I found this recipe at Farm Flavor.
Click HERE for the Recipe.

Tips & Notes

Keep nuts as fresh as possible by storing them in the freezer in airtight bags or containers.
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