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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bowtie Chicken Ceasar Salad

Bowtie Chicken Caesar Salad
Do you remember when McDonalds used to have the McShaker Salads? They had the tall cups where you would add the dressing and then shake it all together? They had a Chicken Caesar Salad one  that I loved but it didn't quite fill me up so I would always eat it with fries.
Sometimes I just want a salad and that's it with some good ranch dressing. The problem is I need that extra something to make it more filling. I love this recipe because of the added Bowtie Pasta which gives it more of a filling in the salad instead of rabbit food. I love the added almonds and croutons are a must. I would be perfectly content with the salad for lunch or dinner with some bread with butter and a cup of soup on the side.
What soup would I serve it with? Check back tomorrow for a soup posting.
I found this recipe on The Girl Who Ate Everything. I have featured her before because I love her stuff! So here she is again. Enjoy the recipe.

Click HERE for the Recipe

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