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Monday, June 4, 2012

German Chocolate Brownies

Pictures by Glorious Treats

German Chocolate Brownies

I'm just going to be down right honest with you today. It is just to dang hot to cook today. It is 90 degrees, I have no A/C and my kitchen is about 100 degrees. The thought of turning on the stove to bake these delicious brownies just kills me. I really wanted these! So what did I do instead? I got so hot today I wet my hair, put a fan on me and took a nap. There I said it. 

So now what? I think I will chalk up the day to a baking loss and head to the river with the kids this evening and indulge in some child's play. Forgive me, I'm human. 

Before I run off I will not leave you empty handed! I found these great looking brownies on Glorious Treats. I am going to make them with box brownies and then add her part of the recipe for the topping. I'm sure her brownies are amazing I just want the time saver. My husband LOVES LOVES LOVES German Chocolate Cake so I am going to surprise him with these. I guess I am going to have to bake in the middle of the night when the kitchen cools down. 

Click HERE for recipe.

Since I am running to the river as fast as I can I am going to give you an extra chance to enter the GIVEAWAY I posted yesterday for the GEORGE FOREMAN INDOOR OUTDOOR GRILL!  This is an awesome grill so don't forget to enter!

To get an additional entry leave me a comment today and let me know what you do when it gets to hot and you just can't stand it anymore and how hot it is today where you are from. Do you run the river like I do?? WOO HOO!!! Off I go......

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


  1. When it's that hot - - sitting under the ceiling fan with a spray bottle (and using it!) seems to help some.

  2. Well, it was rather cool and rainy here in western upstate NY but when it gets boiling hot, we close down the house in the morning (pull blinds, close windows, draw the curtains) and turn on the AC units and use those revolving fans! Ice cream cones and cool baths seem to help, as well!

  3. When it's HOT...turn on the sprinklers and set up a lounge chair right smack in the middle (= 95 yesterday and it hasen't hit it's high yet today (0930).

  4. When its hot we head to the lake! I live in Erie Pa for school which is a huge change from Ventura Ca where the weather is always perfect! So far the lake and the pool are our life savers!!



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