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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Swedish Meatballs and Gravy

Recipe adapted from Tide and Thyme

Swedish Meatballs and Gravy

It was 93 degrees today which is NOT NORMAL for us, it doesn't usually get that hot here. I almost melted today in the kitchen making this meal. Most people don't have A/C in Wyoming because they don't need it! Heaters YES, A/C NO!  IT WAS SO HOT! It is now 61 and we are starting to get some relief. It didn't help that I got sunburned yesterday and my scalp is on fire. 

Welcome to my Sunday dinner. Oh was it delicious and worth every minute (while melting) making it. I used to buy IKEA frozen meatballs and their packaged gravy when I lived by one. I moved away and haven't had them since. I LOVE Swedish meatballs. I don't like any other kind that you can buy at the store. They all taste weird to me. I did a little research and picked a few things here and there that I found and then put my own twist to it and I am in love! The meatballs were perfect and the gravy was heavenly. I took lots of pictures to share with you on the process. I doubled the sauce recipe so I could have extra for biscuits and gravy. The recipe below is for one batch only. Oh nom nom.

This is not a low fat meal by any means but it is one of those meals that you make once in a while and allow yourself some happy food. You won't regret it. Kids loved it and husband had two huge plates full. He was quite full.


1 lb of ground beef
1 lb of ground pork
1 large white or yellow onion
2 T. of butter

allspice seasoning
nutmeg seasoning
2 t. salt 
1 t. pepper
5 slices white bread
3/4 cup of milk
 2 eggs

1 package of wide egg noodles.

1 can of beef broth
1 stick of butter
3/4 cup sour cream
1/3 cup of flour
salt and pepper


1.Tear the edges off five pieces of bread, put them in a bowl and pour 3/4 cup of milk on top and let sit for about 10 minutes while it soaks up the milk. Poke around at it if you need to so it gets all the milk. Whisk together until well blended. 

2. Using a cheese grater, grate the onions. Heat up a skillet with two Tablespoons of butter and saute the onions until translusent and soft. Put aside. Let cool.

3.In a separate bowl add the ground beef and ground pork, 1/2 teaspoon of allspice seasoning, 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg seasoning, 2 eggs, cooled grated onions and salt and pepper. With clean hands get your hands in there and mix it together really good.  

4. Heat up your skillet that you used the onions in and melt a stick of butter. Scoop in about 10 meatballs and cook and cut up like you would taco meat. When that is cooked and brown then add beef broth, sour cream, flour, salt and pepper. Whisk together and simmer on medium low heat until slow boil. It will start to thicken so don't let it get to thick, as soon as it thickens turn the heat to low.

5. Using a small cookie scoop or tablespoon scoop out meatballs and put in a greased baking dish. Cook at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Take the stuff off the bottom so it looks more like a ball and serve over noodles, top with gravy sauce and sprinkle with dried parsley flakes (optional)

6. Cook your noodles whenever you want to during the process.

7. Put noodles on a plate, four meatballs, pour sauce over, sprinkle with dried parsely (optional) and serve. 



I know you are going to love this recipe. Please leave me a comment if you make it and tell me how you like it. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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