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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sausage Muffin with Egg

Sausage Muffin and Egg

We had a big day today planned so I wanted to start the day off with a good filling breakfast. We LOVE McDonald's Sausage McMuffin Egg Sandwiches! The problem is there are 5 of us and it ends up costing over $20 every time we get them. I decided I was going to make my own. Not only was it much cheaper but it was fresher, bigger, tastier AND the kids said it was better than McDonald's! SUCCESS!

Today was Flaming Gorge Days. First, we started off at the parade where the kids ended up getting way to much candy. We were at the front of the parade and in the shade. YES! Then we spend the rest of the day at the park. What a great day we had. Lots of sunburns though even though we used plenty of sunscreen. I used a wonderful sunburn spray I got from One Good Thing by Jillee. LOVE IT!

These Sausage Muffin with Egg sandwiches are super duper easy to make. 


1 package of English Muffins
1 package of Jimmy Dean Original Sausage
Slices of Kraft Cheese
Large mouth canning lids


Flatten out some sausage patties and make them really thin. You want them to be bigger than the English muffin because it will shrink when it is cook. Cook them in a hot skillet coated with non stick spray. Cook until done and brown on the outsides. They are done when they are firmer and not bendy. Is bendy a word?

 In another hot skillet put your lids in and crack one egg into each one. A little bit will come out the bottom but most will stay in. Break the yoke  Here is the important part. Add about 3 Tablespoons (or more if needed) of water in the hot skillet and cover until eggs are done. The steam will cook them. When they are done scoop them out with a spatula with the lids onto a plate. 

Take a knife and cut around the inside edge to cut off the extra. Toast your English muffins, put the sausage on first with a slice of cheese on top and then the egg. Salt and pepper to taste. Heat up in the microwave if you need to. I did for 25 seconds. 

No more morning runs to McDonald's. We are making our own!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. great idea Dori, thanks for sharing.. I do love your blog and follow you on Pinterest as well. cc


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