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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Best Sweet and Sour Chicken

Pictures by Little Yellow Barn

Oh my goodness, my kids are going to go crazy over this recipe. They LOVE Sweet and Sour Chicken. That is a perfect picture and the perfect set up to sit and eat this fantastic meal. It's not tangy but perfectly sweet. 

There is nothing like eating your own homemade food instead of having to go to a restaurant and pay an arm and a leg for something you love. 

Give your kids the experience of learning how to use chopsticks, it is a fun family moment.


Normally, I add my little spin if I would change anything but I honestly wouldn't change one thing about this recipe. Sounds perfect.

The funny things is when I saw this awesome recipe on Little Yellow Barn, I realized that this was my nephews wife Ashley's blog! I have heard how good her recipe was and then saw this and didn't realize it until I started the post that it was her. So, I can tell you it will be wonderful because Ashley is an outstanding cook. Just look at that picture, how could it not be?

Click HERE for the recipe.

I am excited for you to see how darling her blog is.
 Little Yellow Barn

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend so far.

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  1. I can't figure out where the recipe is!

    1. Find it in the sitemap here:

  2. Aaah dori! You post the most amazing recipes ever! I made your kung Pao Chicken and it was awesome, I hope this one is the same!!

  3. I made it last night, and it was YUMMY! Great recipe. Thank you!


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