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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rocky Road Chocolate Bark

Picture by Brown Eyed Baker

Rocky Road Chocolate Bark

Everyone has a favorite Ice Cream right? Well in this family we ALWAYS buy Rocky Road. I never really ate it before until I met my husband and he got me hooked on it. Wouldn't that be great if we could change all of our favorite ice into bark? Yes!

This only has 3 ingredients and it is super easy to make. I could whip up several batches of these in no time and they would be great to make during the holidays. Put them in some cute wrapping and and it is a great gift.

I found this recipe of Brown Eyed Baker. She really has a great site and lots of wonderful recipes. I see her name often and I love her blog.

Click HERE for the recipe. It is so easy!

 Hope you have wonderful Saturday! 

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  1. Hi! Want to make your tv tray pressing table! How do I get to the directions? Thanks! Anne


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