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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Shopping at the thrift store is rewarding enough when you make that special "find" but when you can do it for your children, brothers or sisters, nieces and nephews or just someone special to you it makes it that much better. Today I am going to show you
how you can buy named brand clothing for your baby or toddler. When shopping for baby clothes at the thrift store be prepared to look through each piece because they are so small there are a lot of them! You will find not just clothes but shoes, toys, blankets, bedding, etc. The work you put into is can be well worth it because you will be saving a lot of money for your hard work. Who am I kidding I love this stuff, it isn't work at all! I could do it all day longif my life would let me!@

Here are some GEMS that I have found in the BABY section at the Thrift Store.

 Five darling GYMBOREE outfits that are still in good condition. There are two sets that have a tail on the back and are so cute! Gymboree is not cheap!


Another cute outfit from Gymboree with a tail on the back that is also 3 to 6 months.

This is a really cute zip up sweater (3 to 6 months) also from Gymboree and is in really good condition. 

OH HOW I LOVE BABY GIRL CLOTHES! I am a sucker for them!

Look at this adorable GYMBOREE skirt. Excellent condition.


Absolutley adorable. Corduroy skirt with stitched hearts and buttons. Size 2T

Another cute GYMBOREE 3-6 months. 

All of the above Gymboree items will be available to buy as a LOT in the Thrift Store soon. I spent under $15 for all five pieces. Excellent prices for gently used clothes that are going to become used the first time you wash your new ones.

Now moving on to one of my favorites! This little GUESS shirt and pants is so cute and in excellent condition, another great find.

Cute baby toys, one with the tags still on them and the other are stacking blocks that I just bought one of my grandsons last month. They are great and I got them for $.50.

This was a great find. A BOPPY baby sling. I looked on Amazon and this one is $30 BUT is out of stock and you can't get the blue and brown. It is really cute and in excellent condition. I got it for $4.

It just amazes me how you can still find things in excellent condition and only pay $4. I can think of others way I could spend that extra cash.

You never know what you are going to find so keep looking! Please share with me what great finds you are getting and your experiences so I can blog about them and share with everyone else. Would love pictures!


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