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Friday, December 23, 2011


Thrift Stores are like other stores when it comes to after Christmas sales. They have LOTS of Christmas items every season and they have to get rid of it just like the other stores so they usually put it half off or more. It is already very cheap and then you get that additional savings. Check out the local thrift stores on Monday and see what different sales they are having.

Today I went to my thrift store and the decorations for Christmas were FREE! Nothing is ever free! BUT TODAY IT WAS! Remember one of the most important things I have taught you is to be there first thing when it opens so who do you think got the best pickings? ME! I only got the things that I wanted and didn't want to be to greedy so I just got the stuff I thought was cute and a few things for the kidlets. This picture actually looks like me trying to carry everything out (except for the cute clothes and heals) I did have a ponytail though!


These are a few items I got but some things you might want to think about getting for next year could be ribbons, paper, ornaments, tins for treats you hand out, Christmas dishes, towels, place mats, decorations, table cloths, Christmas decorations, etc.

Two tin gift card holders with new tags, three stockings, cute tree and ornament that opens up, baskets, tin baskets, bag of bows, Christmas stamps, rolls of ribbon, Christmas bags, mugs, snow globe, cups, wooden star, kids holiday bingo game, 8 new still with tag place mats and a cute basket with wooden red bead garland.

Not bad for free huh?


There are alot of people and families that our going through some very hard times this holiday season. Please donate to the thrift store of your choice to continue to give these people a place to buy their kids clothes, shoes, Christmas gifts, etc. when they wouldn't have been able to get those things without these stores. Please think of some things that you might not need anymore and make a donation. I know what it is like to need a place like that and I will always be grateful it was there for us when we needed it. You may not think it can or would ever happen to you but believe me, if you do go through it you will now know you have somewhere to go and how to shop there.  Thank you so much for any donations and support you give these great places. Have a wonderful holiday and 



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