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Friday, December 30, 2011


One thing I have come to accept in my life is that God forgot to give me the Organization GENE. Sometimes I think we should have up to 50 years for one return to fix the broken things like the missing Gene's. :) It just isn't there, never has been and I so I thought never would be. UNTIL!.........I found "help". The clean home gods are smiling upon me. I need some SERIOUS help in this area and fast. We have nine people living in our house and it is out of control. I blame it on my kids. :) It's just easier that way.  We have four adults, a 9 year old, 7 year old, 6 year old, 1 1/2 year old and a 10 month old. As you can imagine it is a little cramped and we need some storage help for small places. So now I have some WONDERFUL new ideas that are going to make some major changes in my home and hopefully yours as well. If it isn't simple, CHEAP and  takes days to do I don't want to do it. I want smart good ideas that don't take a lot of time and that is what I want to share with you. Just a few changes can make our life so much easier and I REALLY NEED THAT! So help is on the way.


This is a lovely Side Table from Pottery Barn that can be yours for only $277.00! That is the sale price! That is insane! I am so used to Thrift Store prices that spending that much would give me anxiety for days.

I bought this little beauty today at ...Drum Rolll please.........FAMILY DOLLAR! What???? How much did I pay you say?  $15 for the table and $10 for the baskets for a total price of $25.00!  We lost a whole digit in there! Now I know they aren't the same in quality obviously but it is just as cute,a tad bit smaller and the basket can be used as storage. . That is a HUGE SAVINGS!

This shows you that no matter what you are looking for there is always a cheaper price somewhere else. Family Dollar has great deals and some really cute decorating items for cheap. Side note: Price shop, I had a prescription that I went to fill at Walgreens and they wanted $106! Gasp!  I called Walmart and got the same thing for $10. 

Like I said before I need some serious help in organization but I also want it to be cute so here are some WONDERFUL ideas for organizing your home and you can bet I will be doing some of these. As soon as the kids get back in school I am going to be an organizing maniac!

This is one of those problem areas I have. When the kids come home from school with all their stuff I get overwhelmed and don't know what to do with it. This is perfect. I am sure I can find these at an office supply store and it wouldn't be hard to put together. Great idea from www.bhg,.com. Thank you BHG!

Another major problem area where we go through towels way to fast. It is ridiculous! What is so hard about keeping water in the bathtub?  I love this idea so each person has their own towel BUT I will add one more as the FLOOR wipe up the water towel. My kids love the bath and can't seem to keep the water in the tub if their life depended on it! Seriously, barbies can make a big mess! You can buy numbers and hooks at Home Depot

Bouncy Sports Balls never stay put and they are always rolling around somewhere unless you put them in a box. Because they are round they never really fit anywhere. Very annoying.  This is an awesome way to contain them and super cheap. Great idea.

This is another cheap way to organize. You can use it for whatever your needs are. Very easy to do and very cost effective. I'm thinking all the little toys so they don't get lost. Barbie clothes, Little Pony, etc.

Yep, another problem I have (I told you I needed help!) When it comes time to use a measuring cup the hunt begins, they are never where I think they should be.  I love this ideas and it will be the FIRST DIY project I do. Such a great idea.


I wanted to share a few ideas that have helped me in the kitchen. These four ingredients I use ALOT!
Green Onions, Tomatoes, Sharp Cheddar Cheese and regular onions. 

 I bought these plastic containers at the dollar store. I got four of them for $1. Instead of having to drag these out every time I need them and cut the onions, etc. I pre-cut all of them and store them in the containers so when I do need them all I have to do is get the container and they are already done. it is cheaper to buy block cheese and grade it yourself than to buy the bag plus it tastes better. We use this alot on breakfast burritos, salads, tacos, quesadillas, etc.  

 Another tip on Green Onions that a friend of mine from Vietnam taught me long ago.
Cuts the ends off of the green onions and wash. Cut them about one inch apart, put them in a grocery bag and tie the bag loose an put in the back of the fridge. Your green onions will last about a week longer. Cool huh?

Tip on cutting up onions. Put a cutting board under the vent on your stove and turn it on high while you are cutting the onion so the vent takes most of the fumes so your eyes don't water.

So there you have it once again, a few more ideas to hopefully make your life easier as it will mine. 
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  1. WOW...I LOVE these ideas! I have four kids and I'm always racking my brain about how to use our space more efficiently. Thank you!


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