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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TWEEN AND TEENS! You don't have to drain your bank account!

Let's face it, teenagers love to shop! I have two younger daughters who are not even Tweens yets and one of them is already designing clothes. She is the fashion queen. The great thing with her is she is so used to shopping at the Thrift Store with great items that when she goes to Junior High and High School she will already be conditioned not to request "THE MALL" (Halloween scream!)    TEACH THEM YOUNG! I can't even step in the mall anymore with having an anxiety attack over the prices after the shopping I do now.

This blog entry today will show you how you can dress your TEENS AND TWEENS in style with name brands because you know they will just "DIE!" if they can't dress like their friends! Gasp! As if! We as parents can't possible understand right????? 

This morning I found some wonderful items. First off in today's fashion show is our lovely name brand


How cute are these! The middle one is lime green more than it looks. They all have hoods and pockets and they are all three size 14. They are thin material and stretchy. Have you ever been in a Justice Store? High Prices! 

Such a cute Justice skirt Size 12. Layered and soooo darling!

Next we have the very stylish AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS.........

This is a really cute shirt and is on the longer side, would be
darling with a pair of jeans. Size XS

Cute pullover hooded sweatshirt also size XS

Last but not least AEROPOSTALE

I LOVE THIS SHIRT! Really cute. Size Medium 

This is another cute shirt with the number 87 in the background.
Again, both great shirts to wear with jeans and with a cute undershirt below it.

Pair of Aeropostale jeans size 1/2 in great condition with a tiny flare on the bottom which seems to be in style and a little wear on the edge just enough to be cool. Very stylish and there is only one problem with them, see if you can find it.

 Look how cute these are! If you guessed that one of the buttons was missing you were right! Now, kids always have buttons undone and you would never even know. I bought these for $.50cents and they are great pants, it is a personal preference whether you would buy these or not and are willing to overlook a small detail for such an expensive pair of pants. Most of the time though the buttons will always be there.

A fun outing to do is to take your Teens and Tweens to the Thirft store and have a contest to see who can find the best outfit with a pair of shoes, purse, etc. You can even do the best "FIND" they have a great time and also they see how many cute name brand clothes they can find. My kids LOVE to do this and always love spending time with MOM or DAD!

Can you imagine how much all this would have cost in the stores full price?? The first couple of times you wash them this is what they look like, they are still in great shape but the are now used clothing! It's like buying a new car, as soon as you drive off the lot your value just went way down.


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