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Friday, December 30, 2011


I don't know about you but after having kids I am now wondering how many baby jars I have tossed over the years! Not to mention all the mason jars that I have used or haved received with gifts in them. Now I wish I had them all back.  Today I am going to show you some great ideas that will show you how to re-use these fine items. There are lots of different jar sizes that you can experiment with.


I have always loved Mason jars. There is just something about them. I have really taken to the old antique blue ones. You will find lots of mason jars in thrift stores. You will most likely find them without the tops but those are very cheap to buy at the store in the canning section. Here are a few of the blue ones that are antiques. If you are more partial to the blue ones then the fun of antique shopping begins which is a whole new world. You can generally find these in antique stores for around $5.00. You can buy the regular ones in the thrift store for approx $.25-$.50 cents.

These are very very old blue glass mason jars which makes them that much better BUT depending on the project you want to do the new ones may be better. We all know that traditionally mason jars have been used for canning and making jam (at least that is all I have ever known) and an occasional cute hot chocolate gift at Christmas. I am going to show you some other great ideas that they can be used for. 

I really need this for my bathroom. Great idea from


 The blue really looks great with the yellow. Make sure if you paint them that you don't use the old valuable ones!


                     Super cute idea from 
                     Ahhhhhh, how refreshing that looks!


So do you see the vision now? Next time you are at the Thrift Store and you walk by the section with Mason Jars you will see them in a whole new light! Pick a few up and create something new or use one of these great ideas.


Luckily, I have access to lots of baby jars now with my grand babies living in my house. My husband wanted me to save some for him to use in the garage for nails, screws, nuts and bolts, etc......A light bulb went off in my head and I wanted to know what other things I could use those little bottles for instead of throwing them away. So, here is what I found.....

Such a great idea if you have little items you need to store.


These are so adorable. I have to make them.
These would be so cute in a bathroom or for a gift. You could fill it with this great idea for Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub. Click on picture for tutorial. I would highly recommend doTERRA Essential Oils.



                           These would be great for a sewing room! Inspired by Salt Tree

From SaltTree as well. I will be doing this one with
CATNIP for Cougar the Cat.


So there you have it JARS JARS AND MORE JARS! So many great ideas. Hope you enjoy and find new ways to use the jars you already have or jars at the Thrift Store.

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  1. OK...this is a GREAT post! I love those blue glass bottles! I have got to get myself back to the thrift store. I miss going there. :-) Bravo!

  2. Thanks! I love the blue bottles too. I want to look and see if I can find some more here at the antique stores. You are so lucky to be close to so many great thrift stores!

  3. love love love this post! i have so many leftover baby food jars and my husband keeps threating to throw them away, but i knew i could find some use for them. great ideas!

  4. I used my baby jars to organize craft beads that the kids use. I also used it to organize my toolbox!
    my big jars I used for picture holder/frames!


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