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Saturday, December 17, 2011



If you are strapped for cash this year and worried about how you are going to get Christmas presents for your kids, don't sweat it! You can still do some great Christmas shopping at your local Thrift Stores for SO MUCH CHEAPER or online through your local newspapers. Most newspapers will have a classified section.

Go to your local thrift store and go to the toy section. Most will have lots of toys and most will have bags of small toys that you can buy. If you have a daughter that loves My Little Ponies they almost always have bags with 3 or 4 of them in it. If you have a boy that loves cars they almost always have bags full of cars. The bags at Savers usually run about $1.99. There are always lots of stuffed animals, some that are practically brand new. I have seen doll houses, kitchens, ride on toys for toddlers, etc. There is a wide selection. Take the items home and give them a good clean and your kids won't even realize where it came from.

I wanted to show you how easy it was to find a great Christmas gift at the thrift store. The picture below is my special "find" that I got yesterday and was listed for $10! My first thought was "Oh my gosh! My girls would love this"!  I bought it and couldn't wait to get home and see what was in my new treasure box.

When I opened it this is what was on top.

A Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Tea Set WITH THE TAG STILL ON IT! Thank you Thrift Store Gods because I was going to buy this for my daughter for Christmas. At Walmart it cost $14.95. There are plenty more goodies in the box......

While the kids were outside playing I got it out and covered everything in Lysol and let it sit. It was already in almost mint condition but I wanted to make sure there were no germs on it.

After letting them soak for a while I scrubbed them and then dried them individually and they were perfectly clean. Then I couldn't believe the next set I found! "Score"!

Look at this awesome set that was in there. I would have LOVED to have this as a kid. So CUTE and in MINT condition!

This is what was leftover after taken those sets out. There is food, utensils, plates, bowls, fruit, vegetables, etc. They are going to go crazy over this when they open it and ALL FOR $10! This would have cost well over $50 brand new. CHEAP IS GOOD.

Am I getting your attention now? Does thrift store shopping sound a little more exciting?  The hunt is what I love and I can't wait each time to share with you my new special find. Once you make that special find you will be hooked and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Please let me know when you find yours, I would love to hear it and so would everyone else.

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  1. Major SCORE! Love your blog, well done :)

  2. Ummm...once again....I am in awe of your gift of thrift! lol. LOVE those little play kitchen accessories!!!

  3. Thanks! I was really excited about that one!


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