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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping 101

Hello cheapers! Your lesson today in thrift store shopping 101 is to find out what stores are in your area. I live in the small town of Rock Springs, WY and was surprised to have found as many as I have. They might not be listed as thrift stores but as consignment stores. A consignment store is where you can take your used items and they will try to sell them for and when they do you get a percententage but you can still go in and shop. For those of you who live in larger areas you may have some of the bigger stores like Savers, Deseret Industries, Goodwill. These are all awesome to have and you can get some really great items. Not all places are on the internet either, you can drive around and look for them, look in your local phone book or see if you are lucky and can find it online. Another you will learn is that certain store will have certain things you like better than the other. One store here called "Coalminers Daughter" (this one is my favorite) and has great name brand surprises here and there throughout the store for great prices, she also has great shoes and purses.  There is another store that has better selection on baby clothes and household good then the other one but also has great clothes and purses as well. You have be willing to take the time to look, they aren't going to jump out and grab you. If you spend the time you will be rewarded. You will see some faded things that you would never buy but right next to it could be the piece you were looking for. Don't forget to look at shoes! I love love love to look at the shoes.  Each store will usually have some kind of sale as well so make sure you ask what the sale of the day is. Get there when it first opens so you get the best of the best. Tomorrow look for my "I DARE YOU" blog post. I will have a great dare for you and a contest to enter with it to win a special prize! Look for details tomorrow!

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