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Thursday, December 15, 2011

"I Dare You" Contest!

Hello Cheapers! I told you yesterday to look for the "I DARE YOU" contest today! This is part of your learning process of how to thrift shop like a pro. Are you ready??????    Here are the details...I challenge you to find your local thrift stores and put together an outfit of whatever you like. It can be anything that you love or that you put together for someone else. Take a picture of your special find and email it to me so I can post what great things were found and show all the other cheapers what is being found. Then I will take it to a panel of judges (fellow cheapers of course) and choose our favorite. Now that's not so hard! I know you can do it and I can't wait to see what you send in. If you don't want to send anything in then just post a comment and let me know if you have found something great. Let's show everyone what we find and get excited about being a cheaper. The winner will get a $25 gift certificate of your choice to something in your area! Dinner? Visa Card? Starbucks? You name it. Can't beat that!

Here is an example....this outfit cost $12

Send your pictures and a quick note about your experience to

Today's shopping experience

Today I went shopping at The Coalminers Daughter and got some really great things that I can't wait to list in my store. I also took pictures so you could see what it looks like. They are so nice in there and I always look forward to my shopping days. It is such a quaint little store and not so overwhelming. Here are a few pics of the store.

Take your time and look through each rack

Notice the sale sign, everything in the store was 50% off. I bought alot!

Oh how I love shoes and purses.

 When shopping for a piece of clothing make sure that you take the time to look over the pieces especially the bottom of jeans and the end of sleeves. If you hold it up and only look at the middle and not the rest you might get home and see a big stain so just make sure you look it over carefully. Especially with kids clothes, they ruin the ends of sleeves alot more. There are plenty out there that are in perfect condition just keep an eye out. Stains aren't always bad because some you can get out.

Here are a few cute things that I found today that will be going in my store. All of these pieces were under $2.00 each except for one.

Coldwater Creek Items

Beautiful Coldwater Creek Jacket Medium On the heavier side and very nicely made in excellent condition.

Coldwater Creek XL long sleeve red shirt 100% cotton.

Super cute Coldwater Creek corduroy pants Size 10.


Liz Claiborne Lizwear Jeans shirt - Size medium

Cute design, satin around collar and sleeves

Very Very Cute Liz Claiborne Lizwear Jeans skirt. Below the knee.Size 10

Zipper on side


Very classy Christopher & Banks Jacket. Size Medium

Cute skirt Size 8


Love these jeans. Size 10 



Very soft sweater in great condition.


Gorgeous Ann Taylor Suit. Jacket is size 12 and pants are size 10. Very classy suit with 100% wool lining in jacket and pants. Excellent condition

It is a dark chocolate brown. Sorry I need a new camera! Guess how much I paid for this? Just take a guess.........$5.00  The picture does not do it justice it really is a beautiful suit.


Purse says Burberry London but I think it is a knockoff but looks real!

Put a little rubbing alcohol on the part that goes in the ears. These are really cute.

So there you have it! Just a few things I picked up today that will be in the store along with MANY other things. It is that easy. Great finds for a fraction of the cost. Now show me what you can find in your world of cheap!

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