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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thrift Store decorations for your home

More decorations for the home. When I am in the Thrift Store I look at things and try to figure a way that I could use them if it catches my eye.

Today I found some really cute items at the Thrift Store that I wanted to share with you and show you the cute things you can do with something so simple.

In this picture is a side table $3, two vintage looking sconces, one cupcake holder, a white wicker frame, old fashioned milk tin pitcher and a basket full of pine cones that smell like cinnamon. All for a total of $12.

I love this old looking milk can. Very vintage looking and would be a great decoration with some flowers in it. Here are some pictures with other pitchers with flowers.

Aren't these beautiful?


This can be used for the wonderful world of cupcakes but also can be used for an organizer for whatever smaller items need to be stored.


 You can do SO MUCH with refinishing furniture and there are some great tutorials out there to take you through each step.

This is a simple, nothing fancy side table that can be turned into something really nice.

An easy furniture refinish tutorial at

                      Antiquing furniture is much easier than would think, don't let it intimidate you.


What would you do with these?

A simple basket full of pine cones and I know what I am doing with these! FIRE STARTERS!

 Click on picture for tutorial from Mrs. Adventure.

I am most excited about this website I found that shows how to make these fire starters. I spend a fortune on these stupid things at the store and they work terrible! I will be heading out tomorrow to buy the supplies for this. It look so simple and will save me so much money.

This will be my official purse hook.

 I have always had a thing for white frames. I love them and I have always wanted to start a wall of only white frames. So when I see one that I like I will pick it up. This one is wicker and in perfect condition and will go on my wall of white. I will just take out what is in there and pick something like a black and white photo to put in it.

More ideas with white frames.


I found these beautiful vintage looking Sconces and I am excited to figure out something to do with these. Aren't they cool looking?

Another great day shopping. I would love to hear about some great finds you get! Please share!



  1. Thank you for featuring my pinecone fire starters!

  2. They are wonderful! What a great idea and much needed!

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  4. Some great ideas on this site and I would like to peruse longer but your choice of fonts while they look pretty are unreadable and frustrating.

  5. just found your blog and i'm hooked. love your ideas and sense of style! all your thrifting finds are awesome! Girl, we could so shop together, cause i'm all abut the cheap! :D


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