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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TIP: How to store fresh Asparagus for up to two weeks!

Picture and tip from Urban Strawberries

Store Asparagus for up to two weeks!

I love all these tips I am finding! I really wish I had known all these before. I still can't believe that I haven't known all these. These tips are especially great if you are involved in a food co-op and get lots of vegetables each week and need them to last. 

I found this tip from Urban Strawberries showing us how to store the asparagus for up to two weeks! It is very simple, click HERE to see how she does it. 

Here are a few delicious recipes for Asparagus that I love!

SOURCE - Apron Appeal

SOURCE - Spoon Fork Bacon

SOURCE - Simply Recipes

So there you have it, a few new delicious recipes and a great new tip! Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. The link for the SOURCE - Apron Appeal Asparagus recipe has been removed. Can you give me the recipe for this ? Thanks :)


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