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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kicked Up Tuna Melts

Kicked Up Tuna Melt
I am a stress eater. Not proud of that but it's true. I have to admit I haven't been supplying my body with the best of foods lately. When I saw this recipe I immediately craved it so I think that my body is craving something healthy. Look how good this sandwich looks, not only does it look delicious it is on the healthy side which is what I need right now.
 I am craving the tuna, tomatoes, cheese and Avocado's with it is a must. I must be lacking some vitamins. I am even craving lemon water.
I haven't had a tuna melt for years! This is such a delicious recipe and you know I love baked cheese on anything!  A nice side salad on the side with ranch dressing would be just right. 
 I found this recipe on Have Recipes Will Cook.
Click HERE for the Recipe.

I hope you enjoy the recipe and if you make me let me know!

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