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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Toast and Egg McMuffin Cups

Picture by Mommy Savers

Toast and Egg McMuffin Cups
My family is the absolute hungriest group of people there is when it comes to food. I don't understand it! You would think I never fed these people at all. Breakfast is a mad house, they are scavengers. I go downstairs in the basement to get ready in the morning and when I come up it is like a tornado hit our house and it is the first food they have seen for days! I have a feeling it is only to get worse as they get bigger.
 I love these. I think these are a great idea and super easy to make. So smart and something that we usually always have on hand. I can make a big batch of these and tame the beasts so they can go to school with a nice full belly.
You won't believe how easy these are to make!
I found this recipe on Mommy Savers. Great recipe!
Click HERE for the Recipe.

I hope you enjoy this easy delicious recipe for your morning breakfast.
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